Week 30

10 more weeks to go. Eek.

We spent a good part of this weekend shopping for carseats at BRU. We ended up buying a glider for the nursery. The other part of the weekend was painting the nursery. Painting is lame. The only fun part of this process is the results and we’re not even there yet. I spent most of Saturday taping up the room and painting the lower half while Brian watched the UT game.

Then on Sunday we both tackled the room and we’re still not done. I would say we’re about 75% there. I think we need to put on an extra coating. Textured walls are so difficult to paint on. Unfortunately we’ can’t put the nursery together until we get the furniture in, which is sometime next month. But at least the hard part will be done with.

I think I finished our registry. Thank goodness.

Despite all the manual labor I put in this week, I’m feeling slightly better this morning. Even though I got in 7 hours of sleep, I woke up several times because either my shoulder was aching from laying on it, my knees where aching because it was bent weird, or my wrists were hurting from pregnancy carpel tunnel. I feel like an old lady. I hope this isn’t an omen of what’s to come when I age. It better go away

I finally just woke up at 5am and worked out. But after that I felt like laying down again. I guess I woke up too early.

Baby’s kicks are getting stronger. I get this feeling every now and then like she’s sneezing. It’s cute. Our next appt is this Friday and we start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks until the final month.

There’s still quite a bit to do, not just with the baby, but everything else. I have to clean out my parent’s place. All that’s left is clothes that I need to send off to Goodwill and some of the large furniture pieces along with scrubbing the place clean. Ack.

We also have our maternity/family photo shoot this Saturday. I hope it stays cool through the weekend. The last thing I want is to feel all sweaty. We’ll be shooting with our dogs at some park somewhere. It’s our first professional photo shoot since our wedding 5 years ago. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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Reesey bear

I am no doctor or vet. But over the last several weeks we
noticed some cloudy coloration forming in Reesey’s right eye. I’ve
worked at an opthomologist long enough to recognize them as
cataracts, but we were both in denial and kept saying its old age.
After examining them again tonight and comparing it to online
images they do look like cataracts. :( They must have formed
fairly quickly because the vet didn’t mention anything six months
ago during her last visit. Let’s hope I’m wrong…I suppose we
should take her in soon.

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Look an update!

Wow, sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been slow, so I had nothing to post about. My entire family is visiting us over the next two weeks so that should be interesting. I haven’t seen my brother’s family since our wedding day. We really ought to make a trip up to the northwest one of these days. It’s so beautiful up there. My sister and her family is also visiting. From the pictures I’ve seen, her girls have grown so much. Melody, the oldest is already 15, yikes!

Brian and I have been trying to get healthier. I know we talk about it all the time, but this time we’re pretty serious. He and I bought lost 12 lbs each. I’m doing the biggest loser competition at work and so far I’ve managed to get 3rd place. My coworker friend and I have been working out like crazy over the past 4 weeks. I can definitely tell my endurance is getting better since my heart rate isn’t as high when I’m doing plain cardio. I need to start mixing in more weights so that I can increase my metobolism. We’re also trying to eat cleaner and have the appropriate serving. The only challenge with eating is finding the time to cook the proper food since I don’t get home from the gym until after 7 and sometimes 8. I think once our weekends slow down, I can probably try to plan it better. I have been consuming lots of fruit since it’s in abundance. I told Brian that if I reach my ideal goal, I should get a new car. :-)

Speaking of car, my check engine light is on again. Grrr. Hopefully whatever they find tomorrow isn’t a big deal.

Leah and Reesey are doing well. Reesey spent 2 weeks with her grandparents. We went and picked her up over the weekend after visiting with Brian’s new nephew. Baby A is tiny by the way. Congrats to the new parents.
Speaking of kids, we still haven’t made plans yet, but we keep going back and forth with baby names. It seems our first choice has gotten too popular. My mom keeps pressuring me to start but we both still feel so young. Everyone should check back in a couple years to see where we are with that thought.

Work is still the same. Nothing new for either of us. I’m still very grateful that we’re both in a good position both financially and with our jobs.

In other news, we finally booked our big trip to Europe. 11 days in Rome and Paris in Sept. This is our anniversary gift to each other I suppose even though it’s a few weeks after. I’m super excited, but I guess it hasn’t sunk in yet since it’s still far out. Of course this is the first of many trips.

My next goal is either Japan or China. But I think we may have to make a trip to Cambodia and Thailand since that’s where I’m from and all.

I’ll be sure to blog our excursion while we in Europe.

Other than that, that’s all I’ve got. I’ll try to post more, and hopefully I’ll have interesting things to talk about.

I leave you with pictures of us at a Central Market cooking class enjoying a souffle we help make. I totally recommend their courses. Very entertaining and the hands on aspect is well worth it.

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Leah and Reesey of Course

Since I haven’t featured any pictures of Leah since we brought her home, here’s some to enjoy.

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Lele gained .2 lbs

She’s slowly growing. Maybe by the time we pick her up in 3 weeks she’ll be 2 lbs or more. Anyway, we received some updated photos of Lele. Can’t wait to see more!

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We’re having a baby…


This morning, Brian and I went to visit our new puppy Leah, or Lele. We walked in and saw 7 precious puppies all running around in their little pen. Baby Lele was one of the smallest and pretty shy out of the bunch. But we think she’ll be the perfect match for Miss Reesey.

While we were playing with the pups, I was a bit undecided between her and the other doggy. But the other pup was like a pistol and too rambunctious. Besides, our intention was to go see Lele. Anyway, we’ve fallen in love and can’t wait to bring her home in a month. I just hope Reesey treats her well.


Not a lot to update

Not much to say other than Reesey hurt her other leg playing fetch this past weekend. She had just recovered from her right front leg hurting, and now she’s hurt her left front leg. I noticed her walking funny as she was going down the stairs and not standing straight. Plus she was mopey all day yesterday, although I’m sure she was mopey because Brian was in bed all day due to a high fever. Good thing she’s going to the vet this week for some shots, we’ll be sure to have them take a look.

At least her spirit is the same, for the most part that is. I want her to be 100% healthy, but it’s so hard to keep her that way when she likes playing rough. She hurt herself by hitting the corner of the wall as she turned around to catch her squeaky.

Anyway, this weekend was very uneventful since Brian is sick. I’m not sure where it came from, but he was sick with something similar about a month ago. I hope I don’t catch it again because it took me about 2 weeks to recover from it.

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I am doing good with cutting out meats. I did have a tuna sandwich for lunch today but otherwise I haven’t missed having real meat. It’s been 4 days. The only problem with going vegetarian is having to cook two separate meals. I got some tofu and chinese eggplant that I’m going to cook up tomorrow for dinner, but I doubt Brian is going to eat that. So I have to find a way to make two quick meals on a work night. I supposed the only reason I’m cutting out meat is that I’m trying to eat cleaner. I figured if I cut out the meat, I’m forced to eat more veggies and therefore cook more of it. I suppose eventually if I ever do want to eat meat, we’ll go for organic and free range ones.

Anyway, we spent the day today cleaning and reorganizing. It’s been almost a year since we’ve moved in and the place is a clutter. I cleared the kitchen counters so it looks less cluttered. I even moved some of the canned goods and spices into the cabinet next to the fridge to make room in the pantry.

Brian spent the morning hanging some floating shelves that we got for Christmas and then spent the afternoon clearing out the tubs in the back bedroom. It looks less like a storage room. Even the office downstairs is clean.

We even went and looked at some new model homes to get ideas for decoration, but I was more inspired by all the modern touches of the houses than I was with the decor. Too bad we didn’t take any pictures. I would love to someday have dark wood floors downstairs. Although it might clash with our cabinets.

I am so glad the studying is over. It’s so nice not having to spend all your free time studying or thinking about studying. I can now enjoy reading the book for my work bookclub and watching tv. Next week, we’re having a rock band party and I’m going to spend Sunday planting flowers in our yard.

Oh and since I’m rambling, Reesey had an animal’s head in her mouth yesterday. I could tell she had something in her mouth as soon as she ran inside. I was too afraid to try to take it from her, so I threw a snausage across the room. She dropped whatever she was trying to eat to grab the snausage and I shrieked the entire time I was trying to pick up the nastiness that she brought into the house. Brian was still in bed as it was only 7am, but he came running down to see what was going on. I had him look in the trash and I think we both agreed it was a head of some sort. I could totally see guts sticking out from the head. Yuck. What a gross doggy!! No kissies for her!

Anyway, I haven’t started meditating yet, but I will start this week. I need to find articles or books to see how I can do this effectively. So if anyone has any recommendations, let me know. I know a girl at work that is interested in doing it with me if I happen to find a class. But I think I’ll try mastering it by myself first.

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