Short Weekend

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday night. There was an “emergency” with one of my clients yesterday and I didn’t hear about it today. That surely put a damper on things. I was having lunch while I got the call. Ugh. Anyway, after lunch we went to see A Christmas Carol at the Dallas Theatre Center. Parts of it was a bit long winded, but overall very good. I really wanted to drive around and see Christmas lights afterwards, but it wasn’t dark enough, so we made a pitstop at Best Buy before heading home.

My car is still in the shop. They will probably work on it tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get it back tomorrow (it’s the third time it’s been in there, and they still haven’t fixed the issue, I’m livid everytime I think about it). Right now I’m in a loaner. I miss my car.

My other beloved is my laptop, which is also at the shop and has been there for over a month. I was supposed to get it back a couple weeks ago, but when testing it, the laptop had no video. Everything I own is broken! Ugh!

I’m thinking about picking up knitting. A coworker of mine knits and it’s so cool, so I want to learn. I knitted once. Yes, I knitted ONCE. I thought it was cool back when I was in the 4th or 5th grade and tried to knit for a day. I’m not sure what happened, maybe the yarn was ugly or something.

I don’t know what to get Brian for Christmas. I may not get anything from me this year. I am sad that I can’t think of anything to buy him. Oh well, I still have two weeks left.

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Car news

There is a big gash underneath my car. Don’t know where it was from, but I noticed it last night. UGH.
Secondly the air conditioning fan doesn’t kick off right away. I drove over to Boardwalk VW but apparently they require an appt. Hopefully they can fix the fan.

Anyway, it was a pain coming home yesterday. We were hoping to get home a little after lunch, but didn’t make it back till almost 3. There was an awful accident south of Waco where the 18 wheeler crossed over the median and someone looked like they had to be careflighted out of there. It was a scary sight. Sucks for the other side of the highway.

In other news Reesey has red spots all over her belly. I’m not sure where that’s from either, but hopefully they’re not from fleas. Poor puppy, we can’t take her anywhere without getting her sick or contracting something.

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