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Our Married Life screenshotAs you can tell the Our Wedding blog has moved to a new domain and features a full redesign. The old site featured a customized WordPress theme from Ian Main but this one is completely designed and coded by me for my wonderful wife Christina. The main content area features a slightly transparent background that allows the beautiful floral illustration to show through for users of Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 (though I haven’t done much testing in IE7 yet.) There will be a few tweaks and changes over the next couple of weeks before I’m completely satisfied with the site.

The old site was set up initially to provide details for people about our wedding, but turned into a lot more as Christina wrote a lot about the behind the scenes of planning a wedding. All the old posts and comments have been imported and are available here at the new domain. This new site will be about our life as a married couple and will might feature more posts from me as well as from Christina.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any issues with the design or functionality of the site. Again, welcome to Our Married Life.

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Christina needs to learn to put titles on here

I worked till 7pm again on Friday. Hopefully that’s my last one. What really pissed me off, was that I sat around for an hour for nothing.

I love this weather. This weekend Brian and I went shopping for some fall clothes. He of course always comes home with more stuff than me. I did get the jacket I was hoping to find. Yesterday I stopped by DSW, bc I LOVE shoes, and found the two cutest pairs. A pair of dark brown pumps for when I dress up and some really really cute peep toe pumps with stacked heels that were oh so comfy. Of course I felt guilty and left emptyhanded. But boy did I want those peep toe shoes. I may have to just go back and get them. Unfortunately I can’t really justify my purchases. A. I don’t need dressy shoes because work is casual. B. I have way too many pairs of shoes and don’t wear half of them. C. I just bought a pair of brown sandals last week. BUT, those are sandals and I need fall shoes.

Anyway…Brian set up a new blog for me. www.ourmarriedlife.com. So go there to find all the posts. I need to get the layout redesigned, the one up there currently is a bit drab…maybe that just describes our married life…hehe.

Reesey’s doing ok, she needs a bath still, and I think we say that everytime. Maybe we should just give her one. Other than that, she’s still a sweetie. Brian’s been a little busy with work as usual. I think he nearly died while watching the longhorn game. Silly man.

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Website stats

So this website has received 85296 hits since September 05.� It averages 700 hits a day and about 1/3 of those are unique visitors.� I wonder who they are all.� I know this website has been linked by other bridal blogs which is cool, but hopefully I’m able to provide ideas.� Anyway, if you were to google any of the vendors I’ve listed ever, we’d be in the top 5 google searches and for some even the 1st one of the list.�

Ok, so I’m bored. I start my new job tomorrow which I’m excited about and kinda anxious, I’ve been really bored the last 10 days staying at home with nothing to do.� Of course I accomplished nothing except being able to tidy up a bit on Friday.� I didn’t do any shopping, I slept in till 10 am and sat around with my laptop and the dog sleeping next to me.� Now I must get back into my old routine.� I wonder what time I have to be at work tomorrow?� I’ll just make it 8 or 8:30 to be safe.�

I’ve been looking through ebay a ton.� I found some cute flower girl baskets and other veils.� I’m thinking for the veils I might just borrow Yi’s.� Her’s were simple and the right color.� It could be my something borrowed.� As for the something blue, I was thinking of glueing blue rhinestones to the bottom of my shoes in the shape of the wedding date or initials.� I dunno.

I need to get the invitations done.� My mom�keeps hounding me for it.� I’ve got the actual invitations designed.� I just need to work on the response card, maps, and hotel information.� Am�I missing anything?

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