Superbowl Weekend

Commercials were boring, although I did like the Corolla one. I didn’t pay much attention to the game other than the end which apparently was the best part. Of course I missed half time. I was actually asleep. After spending much of the day with my parents, I was exhausted.

The day prior, Brian and I went over to World Market and got some furniture. I was only interested in an accent table they had on sale that would fit perfectly in the foyer area. I took pictures, but of course they’re at home. Here’s one from the website.

But while looking at this particular table, we also found an end table that was the perfect size for our game room. So we bought two of those. Brian spent most of Saturday putting the tables together. What a pain in the butt they were.

We also got a pretty iron piece from Pier 1 for our bedroom. The bedroom is almost complete, other than the end table for my side of the bed. I really want one that match, perhaps when we go down to NB next weekend, we can stop by the furniture store and get one, if they still have it in stock.

So much furniture. We still need to fill the other two rooms downstairs. I think we have to wait another year before we can do that.


Another new car

Brian’s car died on the way home Friday. Apparently this was a clue for us to replace the car. He knew what kind of car he wanted, it was just a matter a timing. So…on Saturday morning after we dropped off Brian’s old Explorer at the shop (it died on the way of course), we stopped by Toyota of Richardson and got him a new 2008 4Runner Sport Edition. It’s so black and shiny. We were kinda hoping that Toyota would come out with a hybrid version, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be any time soon. We’ll post a real picture when we take them.

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Daily Musings

They’re turning the Lovely Bones into a movie. The cast seems pretty awesome, so I hope it turns out well. I never finished the book. The whole rape thing just didn’t do it for me. Besides I was on my honeymoon then. I think I need to go back and finish it. Ryan Gosling is going to be in, ahhh so dreamy.

This is rather random or early, but I’m in search of a good Christmas Tree. And yes I’m all for the fake stuff, why chop down real trees that end up being in the trash later on?? Stupid people. Anyway, I’m not sure where we can find the best deal on one. I known we can wait until after Christmas, but I want a good one now! I’m thinking a 9 ft tree would be ok (YIPES, it’s 199 bucks at Home Depot). Maybe that’s too tall? I can settle with a 7.5 foot one. I also need a good tree skirt. Or maybe we just stick to the current one and wait for the after Christmas sale…

So I was thinking of a new vacation, perhaps around New Years. Then I realized, that’s probably the busiest time here at work, so maybe around February. We get Washington’s Bday off which is February 18th. That’s perfect timing since it’s right around Valentine’s day. Hmmm. I’ve always wanted to go skiing. Brian thinks it’s silly because “we don’t ski”. I think there’s an opportunity to do stuff at least once. Who knows, we could be pros (or not). Anyway, I guess we’ll have to think about it a little more.

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It’s raining

Is it sad that I’m already ready for a vacation? Our trip to Hot Springs didn’t do it justice. As much as I loved spending time with Brian, Hot Sprints was a dead spot. I don’t recommend it unless of course you’ve already been to every spot in the US. Maybe there is a better time to go.

I’ve been heavily researching babies. No we’re not trying, not for a few more years, but I was curious. One website said you’ll have to have at least 30K saved up for the first years. Some of the required costs were a bit ridiculous, but they made sense. On top of that, day care for infants is like 900-1000+ a month. YIPES. So with all that said, I think we need to use up our time traveling. I mean seriously traveling. There’s lots of places Brian and I have never been to together, and now is the time to do it. Considering how lazy we are, I’m sure once we have a family travelling is the last thing we’d want to do.

It was storming like crazy last night. Thunder and lightning all night long. It took me an hour and 45 minutes to get to work. Crazy. Why can’t people just drive. On top of that, why can’t street lights not go out during a storm? I hope it doesn’t rain on the way to class tonight. That would suck.

This past weekend, we found the perfect shelving unit for our tv downstairs. It’s not technically made for a TV stand, but it looked like it does the job. Brian unloaded the pieces yesterday and in looking at the manual realized that the weight limit is 10 lbs. UGH. I want to return it, because A. it’s from Walmart. B. We really don’t need it. C. It really doesn’t go anywhere, particularly if we plan on buying matching furniture later on.

Brian doesn’t want to return it simply because we can’t put it back in the box.

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Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July everyone! It’s been a while since I posted, I’m sitting here on our new couch we bought for the gameroom watching Traveler and listening to the booming fireworks outside. I tried to go out front to see if I can catch a glimpse, but couldn’t see anything. It’s the first time in weeks that the sky is clear just in time for fireworks. Too bad we’re missing it. It’s been years since I’ve seen a real fireworks show.


It’s odd having a holiday smack in the middle of the week. But I guess I’ll take whatever we can get. I have no urge to go back to work tomorrow though. At least it’s Thursday! The past week has been rather uneventful. We did spend time with the Neidig side of the family at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Bastrop two weekends ago. That was fun and a much needed break. We spent 4 days lounging around, sleeping, at the pool, doing absolutely nothing.


The house is a slow work-in-progress. It’ll be awhile before we can fill it entirely, and probably be a year or so before we’ll get real furniture for the formals. However, we did finally buy chairs for the kitchen table. It doesn’t exactly match, but oh well.

My herbs are sprouting and I can actually see cilantro leaves. My next goal is to plant some real plants, maybe not this summer, but since it’s been a mild summer I just may. I want to plant a pepper plant and some lemongrass. Those are the two easiest. Although I may not be using as much lemongrass as much, it’ll at least be aesthetically pleasing in the garden. We’ll see if Brian would let me. Speaking of gardening, the previous owners left a bird bath on the side of the house. I want to put that in the front lawn, lay some of the leftover bricks around it, and plant some flowers inside the bricks. We’ll see.

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I’m awake

It’s 4:30 am early Sunday morning, and I’ve been awake since three, tossing and turning since 1am. My body isn’t going to like this later today. My throat has been sore all morning and I have a feeling I’m going to start coughing all week. It’s going to suck. It’s been quite the uneventful weekend so far. I spent time with my parents yesterday, drove my dad this time to go see the house. I was surprised to see the for sale sign still up, shouldn’t there be a sold sign up there?

Anyway, speaking of houses, our table was delivered on Friday at Pier 1. We need to go pick it up. I stopped by Friday to check more of their sales, and they just so happen to have these dining chairs on sale for 29.95 each. OMG, I nearly fell over they were so cheap. Unfortunately they only had 3! Since it was discontinued, the likeliness of finding another one was slim. I called all over the metroplex, and NO ONE had them. So…we didn’t get them. We could’ve had the whole kitchen set for less than $350. Oh well, better luck time. So anyway, that was my excitement for the weekend.

Last night we were supposed to go see a movie, but after dinner we were so tired we came straight home. I think I fell asleep after about half an hour at 9:30. I guess that’s why I’m up so early this morning.

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Furniture and stuff

I’m super excited about the house. The last few weeks we’ve been looking at furniture. We don’t plan on buying anything until we close, and even then it’ll just be the necessities. A Kitchen table, a couch set for the upstairs gameroom, a king size mattress set. That’s only half of what we need to buy. Someday we’ll need a desk set for the office and the formal living room stuff. We’ll leave the other two bedrooms empty until we have kids.

Our current bed and mattress set is going into the guest room. But we’ll be keeping the dress and chest.

The pictures here is the kitchen table and bed we’re getting for the master bedroom. I love love love the kitchen table. Saw it in person at Pier 1 and almost bought it. BUT, I knew better. The price is great too, if only I can find a coupon code out there to get a bigger discount. Hopefully it goes on sale. I think the bed set will also go nicely with our current bedroom set. I found this one at Roomstogo. It’s tough knowing what kind of style you want, but not being able to find it, or at least find it locally.

As far as decorating the house, I’m not sure if we plan on painting any walls. It’s already nicely painted, but a little boring.

Anyway, the major thing left in this buying process is the appraisal. I need to email our agent to see when that’s gonna be done.

We’re also giving notice to our apt today. Brian and I both need to shop for home owners insurance. I got a quote from Travellers, but we also need to look into our current provider, State Farm.


Workout Gear

Yesterday, Brian and I went out shopping. He wanted to buy the Nike+ workout clothes so he can start running. He dropped 280 bucks on workout clothes. YIPES. His butt better be out running every morning! What’s funny is it took him 30 minutes to put iPod in his shirt today before going out to run.

I guess if I ever start running, it would be cool to have. But I’d have to get a nano. I’m fine with just the elliptical. My left knee has been bugging me. I’m not sure what it is. I definitely felt the pain when I was walking up the stairs at Willow Bend. It may be related to wearing heels more than usual, maybe the cold weather, who knows. I hope it’s only temporary.

Anyway, for those wanting to go shopping, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft has some good sales.

This morning, Brian and I went to Central Market to pick out our vDay dinner. I figured he should make something simple. So we came out with stuff for homemade lasagna. It was Brian’s first trip to CM and he told me never to shop there again, said it everything was a rip off. :-p, whatever dude, that boy would rather have hamburger helper than real food for dinner. Speaking of which, I guess I better get started on that filet of fish for dinner.

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