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I worked till 7pm again on Friday. Hopefully that’s my last one. What really pissed me off, was that I sat around for an hour for nothing.

I love this weather. This weekend Brian and I went shopping for some fall clothes. He of course always comes home with more stuff than me. I did get the jacket I was hoping to find. Yesterday I stopped by DSW, bc I LOVE shoes, and found the two cutest pairs. A pair of dark brown pumps for when I dress up and some really really cute peep toe pumps with stacked heels that were oh so comfy. Of course I felt guilty and left emptyhanded. But boy did I want those peep toe shoes. I may have to just go back and get them. Unfortunately I can’t really justify my purchases. A. I don’t need dressy shoes because work is casual. B. I have way too many pairs of shoes and don’t wear half of them. C. I just bought a pair of brown sandals last week. BUT, those are sandals and I need fall shoes.

Anyway…Brian set up a new blog for me. So go there to find all the posts. I need to get the layout redesigned, the one up there currently is a bit drab…maybe that just describes our married life…hehe.

Reesey’s doing ok, she needs a bath still, and I think we say that everytime. Maybe we should just give her one. Other than that, she’s still a sweetie. Brian’s been a little busy with work as usual. I think he nearly died while watching the longhorn game. Silly man.

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Wedding Shoes

wedding shoes

I love shopping for shoes. I like drooling over the designer shoes that I know I will never ever buy. You know like the Manolos or Jimmy Choos. I saw some at Nordstroms a few weeks ago. If I was that vain, I’d buy em because I definitely saw some perfect wedding shoes.

I’ve been looking at some wedding shoe for inspiration. I’m very particular about what I put on my feet. I don’t want my toes falling off at the end of the night. But I want the shoes to be pretty of course. So I’m undecided between these four styles. Should I go with the sexy sandals, or the comfy bridal flats. Or maybe just go with the flip flops or a dressier flip flop. The thing is no one is going to see my shoes anyway, but I do like looking at the shoes and if I do find THE ONE, I’ll have to get it. My guess is I’ll stick with the flip flops.

I do know that I’m definitely NOT going to buy shoes online, I HAVE to try it on. When shopping down in San Marcos last week, I checked out every store that had shoes and found nothing close to bridal shoes. Too bad. I’ll have to run by DSW and see what they have in stock.

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