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I got a new client assigned to me this morning. I’ll be working on a series of campaigns surrounding Bridal Registries for them. How fun would that be.

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We’re in need of a good set of luggage. We did register for some at Dillards, but those are entirely toooo expensive. Feel free to check out a better alternative:


Thus, for those wanting to get us luggage, go there. Of course there wouldn’t be a registry there…but any good looking set would do.

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Crate and Barrel

I’ve also registered at Crate and Barrel (without Brian’s knowledge). So check it out. Most of the stuff we’ve registered for is rather boring considering we don’t have a house yet. Sure I’d like to have some of it, but particularly at Crate and Barrel, I wasn’t so excited about the stuff. It’s nice to give guests the options though. We’ll of course willingly accept cash, it’s much needed to help pay for the wedding and honeymoon!

Anyway, so I’ve been checking out The Knot boards and some of these women are just crazy. 80% of them are ALREADY married yet they still come to the site. It’s nice however to look at profiles and get ideas from these people, especially since it’s a local board and they have reviews for some of the vendors here.

We’re going to our first tasting at Brookhaven on Sunday. It’s not really a tasting of any one item from our menu, but more so to see what quality and kinds of food they make. We’ll probably have to go back at a later date and do a tasting of real wedding food.

I have an appt with Mockingbird Lane Florist next Tuesday with the wedding designer there. I think next to the dress and cake this is the most important piece of the whole concept of the wedding. I also need make an appt with some other photographers, particularly Bella Pictures. I finally emailed the woman back and asked for her availabilities.

Once we get photography settled, we’ll work on makeup and hair people. All the Knotties are raving about Stephanie Dubose but her rates are going up from 300 minimum to 400 next year. Sucks. Her portfolio looks great though. 400 is hair and makeup for 5 people or less. It’s actually alot cheaper than what I’ve seen. I wonder if a salon is cheaper? But anyway, I’d like to in and do the hair and makeup trials for the engagement and bridal sessions once we book a photographer.

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Dillards and Bed Bath and Beyond

We’ve registered for fine china and flatware and luggage at Dillards….

We’ve also registered for miscellaneous kitchen items and random stuff at Bed Bath and Beyond….

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Target registry

So yesterday, Brian and I finally registered at Target. This is of course after our horrible experience at Crate and Barrell. Anyway check it out at ClubWedd.

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Amazon wedding I’ve just set up a wedding registry over at so head over there and buy me the one item I think I may want a year and a half from now. They require a date and location just like Target does, but at least they make it easy to edit if it changes. You can use this direct link or you can find it anytime by searching for our names at

I don’t really know what kind of stuff we’re going to ask for from where, but I wanted at least one item in there and I knew Foley’s and Crate & Barrel don’t have tool sets. With all these different places to register I think it’s going to be a little tough to keep everything straight. You don’t want to put similar items on lists at different stores or you’ll end up with 17 toasters.

Alright, get over there and start buying me us stuff.


Stores We Will Register At

I’m thinking we’ll go with the normal Target, Foley’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and possibly Crate and Barrell. It’s really hard to resist the urge not to register for the most expensive coffee maker or flatware. In looking at a friend’s registry, I realized that China costs more than I could ever imagine. For ONE 5 piece setting the costs ranges from 39-199. So if I’m looking to get 10 or 12 place settings, that’s $468 for the $39 set. Holy Cow! Plates are dumb, it’s probably going to sit in the box unused anyway. I think my mom saved a set for me somewhere. It’s outdated though…

Brian, what stores do you want to add? Sorry, no Best Buy…

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I can’t set up a registry with Club Wedd

Club Wedd logo just simply won’t let you set up a registry without a city, state, and date for the wedding. I know it’s so people can actually find the registry when they go to the store, but I just want to set it up so I can start adding things to it if I find something. I’m strange in that when I’m in a store I always see things I’d like, but then if anyone ever asks I always say I can’t think of anything. I’d like to put the stuff on there now, instead of telling Christina to remind me about it. There’s no chance she’ll remember either.

What if plans changed and you needed to change the information? Would it let you?

Edit: We’ve got one now, check it out here. (10/24/2005)

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