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It’s Sunday at 4:30 and I’m putting off work. I’m sleepy. The hot sun makes me sleepy. I was out all morning running errands. Brian and I went to Garden Ridge earlier to look at fake plants and bought a bamboo looking plant for the office. As for the rest of the house, I think we need some greener but real. The fake stuff looks too dang fake. I don’t what else we bought from there but it added up to 127 bucks. THEN, I went to Costco with my mom and I loaded up on some stuff that I knew I wouldn’t be able to waste. Mainly meat and stuff I can freeze. There goes another 100 something bucks. Whew. Stuff just seems to add up. Yesterday we went shopping. I can’t remember how we ended up at the mall. I think Brian needed to get his bike tuned up at Dicks and I needed a haircut. Anyway, I ended up spending 200 hundred bucks on clothes. I did get 3 shirts from Banana Republic and a floor length casual skirt from the Gap. I’ve been looking for this style of skirt for awhile. Too bad it wasn’t on sale. Brian got 2 shirts. I *should* be done with shopping for the month. On top of the purchases we’ve been spending more on entertainment. Going to happy hours, dinners with friends, and just plain eating out. I know Brian wants us to host another house party next month. But I think we’ll wait until August to have people over. We need to curb our spending since we’ll be heading out to vacation next month.

One other update. I’ve been getting these pesky debt collector calls from some fake law office. They’ve even called my in-law a couple times. It’s for a credit card that opened college and couldn’t pay off because I was too stoopid and poor. I did eventually pay off all my debts before we got married and bought the house, so I’m not sure how they got my info. Everytime they call, they keep telling me they’ll file a lawsuit in my county. I once called them back and told them to stop calling. Finally I sent them a Do Not call letter. If they continue to call me or anyone else, they’re officially breaking law. Not that they weren’t breaking the law before by making false claims. I checked my credit report and it does not show any bad debt. I even checked the credit report I bought about a year ago and didn’t see anything bad. Hrmph. I wish they would go away. I read somewhere that Buffalo, NY is the breeding ground for these pesky debt collectors. It’s days like these that I’m glad I have a good standing career and was able to address any bad marks. Nowadays, I can’t imagine how people can deal with the stress of bad credit. I’m glad my credit is high, and I’m glad we have no debt other than a mortgage, car payments, and student loans.

Despite all our spending, Brian and I do make it a point to save a good amount in our 401K and regular savings. We still need to combine our accounts to make it easier for tracking. It’s just a matter of getting our butts to the bank. In the meantime, I do put in about 30% of my income into a savings account that’s not for retirement. We both also have a pretty good amount in our emergency fund. I think Brian feels like it’s still not enough. That’s kinda funny because a friend’s boyfriend feels the same way. With that said, I hope we can continue with this path. Brian and I briefly talked about how long I plan on staying home when we have our first child. I said 12 weeks, which is the max without really losing my job. He was thinking something like a year. I never anticipated staying home longer than the 12 weeks. I guess it depends on the state of where we are at that time. I certainly don’t plan on being a SAHM my whole life.

I had a small ephipany the other week. For awhile I was unsure as to where I wanted to be in my career. I was happy with my position, and in my opinion I’ve reached a point in my career where it would take others a few more years to get to. I know I’m good at my job, although at times I feel like I should be more organized. It’s hard to do so when you’re jumping from meetings to meetings. I like my job and I definitely want it to evolve into something more. I’m still unsure as to what that would be, but I have clearer vision of the path I want to take. I hate talking about work since I know coworkers may be reading this.

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Another Rant about the market

For those people that are actually trying to save money like Brian and I, we’re noticing that the interest rates on our ING account has dropped from 5.5% to 3.590%. How lame is that. It’s like we have to pay because the market is going in the dumps. I should be like my mom and invest in gold. She bought hers at around 500 bucks about 10 years ago, and the value today is over 900 bucks per whatever weight it is. That’s a sweet increase.

Anyway, we started on our taxes this past weekend. After owning a house and whatnot we still owe the dang government. What’s up with that?



I have to say that I am quite sadden by the badly the market is doing. I’m certainly not informed enough to really talk about it or gripe about it. Although I am sure the general public has the same sentiment. With the failure of subprime home loans, the increasing gas costs and of course the war, I’ve at least accepted that as part of the norm. I try not to gripe about gas costs because I have to put gas in my car and at this point there’s no other way around that. The subprime stuff doesn’t have an affect on me because Brian and I are smart enough to make good decisions. And there’s the war. I’m still not informed enough to make a comment on that, I guess I just don’t care.

The fact of the matter is, as I am beginning to closer attention to our household budget and money flow, I begin to see the affects the market does have on my daily life. Now I’m not saying I’ve never paid attentioned before, but I suppose it hits harder when you actually do look at the numbers.

Why am I rambling about this? I was looking at my 401K stuff, and noticed that the balance was a lot lower than what it started out to be when I first did my rollover. Apparently it went down 8.5% since the first of the year. How sucky is that.

Stupid market.

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Money Money Money and Happy New Year

I think I broke the bank this holiday season (is that even the right phrase). Anyway, we’ve spent way too much, moreso on ourselves than anyone else. It wasn’t necessarily for gifts, but for Christmas decor, etc. We bought a tree at Target on Saturday that was 50% off. Much nicer than our current one, but the top tier is missing something. We don’t want to return it, so hopefully we’ll find a plastic piece that wrap around the end so that it sits up straight. It’s not a big deal.

The other big money purchase was a DYSON. Mmmm. It’s kinda sad that I’m so excited about a vacuum cleaner, but since Linens N’ Things was having a sale on vacuums it was too good to pass up. We’re still 350 bucks shorter now. Who knew a vacuum can cost so much, but it sure picks up dirt pretty well.

With the big purchases and Brian’s car troubles, we’ve spent so much in December. Boo. I’m hoping to start the new year off well without making frivolous purchases. But I do hope Brian gets a new car soon.

Anyway, with that aside, I did not sleep well last night. Work has been on my mind, and I’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking of what I need to follow-up the next day. Ugh. I hate when that happens. I was up for two hours trying to remember what I needed to do. On top of that, my mother calls me at 5:30 in the morning. My dad was having issues, I think he was trying to pass a kidney stone. I called her again this morning to see if everything was ok, and she said he’s fine now. Thank goodness. I was hoping we can get through 2007 without having to take him to the hospital again.

Anyway, I hope 2008 is as good as 2007.

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Paid off

I just paid off another student loan. Woot! Only two more to go (the bulk of it). I’m hoping to pay everything off in two years.

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We just got our bill for our property tax. Damn you Kenneth M! Since we opted not to have an escrow account we’ve been putting money into an ING savings account. Luckily by the time the bill is due, we would’ve saved enough to pay the bill. Yay for good planning.

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Home Lending

We got our good faith estimate back. Looks like we’re in very good shape to getting whatever loan we need. Now we just need to get started. Weeee. At least we know where we are.

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