It’s been a good Monday

We got our RINGS! I love my wedding band, it’s just the right amount of bling, because you know how we Asians like our bling. Hehe. I’ll post picture later.

We also got some RSVP’s back. Out of the 7 responses, 4 declined and 3 accepted. Now I just need to give my mom her set of invitations. EEK, I hope it’s not too late.

We also got some more checks in the mail. Wedding planning has gotten more fun :-D

Edit: Click here for a picture of the rings


More hair updos

As my bridals are getting closer, I need to think about how I want my hair. Now I know I shouldn’t be fixated on it, etc, but when else would I get my hair all done up?? It’s the only event (maybe) that I get to be all glammed out.

So I know I’ve already posted some pictures on updos, but there are soooo many styles out there, that the possibilities are endless.

Anyway, I just want to add on another rant. Where are our wedding bands?? I called Gordon’s Jewelers on Thursday and they still don’t have Brian’s ring. Whatever happened to it takes 2 weeks? Hrmph.

And for all you brides out there, check out Super cool wedding blog.

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We’re going wedding band shopping today. AND the invites have been printed! AND only 60 more days till our wedding!!!!!!

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