Living Life on the weekends

It seems I only make updates on the weekends. I can’t believe Sunday is half over. Yuck. Yesterday Brian and I went to go see The Dark Knight. It was a very good movie, very dark, but not too violent. I guess it’s because it’s PG13. I think if it was rated R it may have been a better movie. I’m not sure I like Maggie Gyllenhal’s as Rachel, but everyone else did a fantastic movie. Unfortunately it seemed the movie was more about Harvey Dent than it was about Batman himself.

Anyway, other than the movie, we spent the majority of the weekend chilling. I baked Brian his birthday cake today, and tonight we’ll probably grill or something for his early birthday dinner. I need to pack up for my trip to Richmond tomorrow. I feel completely unprepared, although I’m not sure what else I can do. Most of it is going to be talking anyway.

Since Matt and Josie are coming into town next weekend, I’ve been getting the laundry done and washing all the sheets in the guest room. I hate laundry. It’s NEVER ending. Anyway, there’s more tidying up to do, but I guess I can work on it when I get back.

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Need Sleep

So Brian flew down to Austin for work last night which left me alone at home. Is this the first time I’m home alone in the new house? I can’t remember. Anyway, I couldn’t sleep. It felt like I wasn’t sleeping in my own bed just because Brian wasn’t home. I finally dozed off at 2am. Should’ve let Reesey sleep in the bed. At least she let me sleep in until my alarm went off, or maybe I just don’t hear her in the wee hours of the morning.

I have dinner in the crockpot, so once I get home, I’m gonna chill and possible sleep.

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Both our 1st year anniversary and my birthday is coming up. I’m not really excited about getting older. I want to stay in my 20s forever, but I guess 26 is ok.

Speaking of anniversary, I don’t even know where to begin with the gifts. I’m so bad at this and Brian is so difficult to buy for. Arg! I guess I have about 3 weeks to think about it. We’re going to be spending that weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas. No fancy trip for us this year I guess. Hopefully it’s as nice as it is seems. Anyway, I guess we need to book some boarding time for Reesey…

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I have a couple coworker friends that are seriously considering getting a housekeeper to help clean their house. I can see why. We all work out together after work and don’t get home until about 7. By then we’ll need to cook and cleaning just isn’t in the picture. While Brian and I have done a fairly decent job of keeping the house together and avoid having it look like a train wreck, I think some day we’ll need to consider getting one. At this point, I’m thinking no. I just can’t justify the cost, and how big of a mess can two people make? I normally spend my weekends mopping and dusty and cleaning out the bathrooms. I’m thinking we’ll need a good vacuum soon. While the one we have now is decent, I have a feeling it’s not picking up enough dirt. Speaking of vacuuming, we haven’t really done it yet, eek. Brian and I have swept the carpet with the cordless vac, but that doesnt really count.

Anyway, in other news, Brian’s 27th bday was yesterday. I cooked him a steak and shrimp dinner last night since I felt bad for not getting him a “real” gift. It’s so difficult buying for him and I was going to get him the expensive stuff, but he keeps changing his mind. I guess I’ll have to make it up for him at Christmas time. Besides, it’s not like he hasn’t missed my birthdays either.

Ok back to the Monday work grind.

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My husband cooking – what a shocker

Brian cooking

What’s funny is that he’s wearing my apron that says Mrs. Behrend on it.


Ice is here, finally

We finally have ice. Not that it’s a good thing, but at least the meteorologists are happy about it. By request, Brian went out this morning and decided to be useful. He defrosted my windows. What a sweet man I have. Although he complained about his fingers going numb, I told him he had gloves and he couldve worn them. I slipped twice walking to my car and then once getting out of my car. Luckily I didn’t fall. Stupid shoes, at least their flat and not heels.

I could have worked from home, unfortunately I couldn’t VPN in and my laptop is STILL being repaired! IT’S BEEN OVER TWO MONTHS. Arggg…

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So my sister keeps asking when we’re going to have kids. Her first child, Melody was born NINE months after she was married. I told her life doesn’t exactly have to work out that way. You know, get married, have kids right away, etc. I guess she didn’t understand my views on family planning. So needless to say she thought 3 years was a long time to wait. But the more I think about it, I’m leaning towards 5 years. I’ll be 30 and Brian will be 31. In these days that’s still young, but I don’t want to be too old. My parents were in their 40s when I was born, and people always thought my dad was my grandpa. Anyway, I actually don’t think it’s fair to have kids that old. Besides, that I want us to be able to retired earlier than normal versus slaving away to support a college student. Speaking of retirement, I think we both need to invest more.

In a related story, Brian and I were at Target, and we walked by the baby section. I stopped and looked and some fuzzy teddy bear and thought it was cute. I think Brian was a bit freaked out. Hehe.

Anyway, I guess our goals are like any other couples. We need us time, time to travel, time to save, time for careers etc. I want to at least end up in a director level at work before having kids. That’s a pretty aggressive goal, since most directors are in their mid 30’s, but we’ll see. I guess I’ll be ok with senior level.

Ok, so I found this house listing and thought it was cute. It’s in E. Plano though, so I think that’s a bit far from work. But seriously, do we even plan on working here forever? I would assume so at this point, but life changes. I think it’s close enough. The only downside about this house is that Brian doesn’t want a two-story. At least for our first house. Oh well. It’s cute though, I think.

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Christmas is over

What a fine Christmas it was. Not only did I/we get a buncho stuff, we got stuff I didn’t expect. I gave my mother-in-law a list because she requested it. I wrote down some stuff only expecting to get a couple things, but not only did I get ALL of it, but then some. What a great MIL I have.

I felt not being able to get Brian what he wanted this year, a Wii or a PS3, but I looked and looked and of course they’re sold out everywhere. So this year his gifts are pretty lame. That’s ok though, since all the “electronic” equipment I buy him gets shoved in the closet anyway, like his WACOM tablet that I tried to pawn off the other day to a coworker. Hrmph. I am never buying you what you want, EVER, you hear?? I am still bitter about the bike! It’s sitting in the office, the tires all flat, unused and unhappy.

Anyway, unfortunately I had to be back into work today, and what a busy day it was. I was hoping to leave early too, but of course that didn’t happen. I hope the rest of the week is slow. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for to get back into shape. My “skinny” jeans are no longer loose. Must hit gym and be on strict diet. I’m hoping to be even more successful this time around than I was earlier this year, especially since I don’t have a big motivator. For those of you looking to get in shape, you should look into (which I’ve been using or was using) or Both are great tools.

Anyway, I hope I sleep well enough to wake up early tomorrow to hit the gym… ick.


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