Week 30

10 more weeks to go. Eek.

We spent a good part of this weekend shopping for carseats at BRU. We ended up buying a glider for the nursery. The other part of the weekend was painting the nursery. Painting is lame. The only fun part of this process is the results and we’re not even there yet. I spent most of Saturday taping up the room and painting the lower half while Brian watched the UT game.

Then on Sunday we both tackled the room and we’re still not done. I would say we’re about 75% there. I think we need to put on an extra coating. Textured walls are so difficult to paint on. Unfortunately we’ can’t put the nursery together until we get the furniture in, which is sometime next month. But at least the hard part will be done with.

I think I finished our registry. Thank goodness.

Despite all the manual labor I put in this week, I’m feeling slightly better this morning. Even though I got in 7 hours of sleep, I woke up several times because either my shoulder was aching from laying on it, my knees where aching because it was bent weird, or my wrists were hurting from pregnancy carpel tunnel. I feel like an old lady. I hope this isn’t an omen of what’s to come when I age. It better go away

I finally just woke up at 5am and worked out. But after that I felt like laying down again. I guess I woke up too early.

Baby’s kicks are getting stronger. I get this feeling every now and then like she’s sneezing. It’s cute. Our next appt is this Friday and we start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks until the final month.

There’s still quite a bit to do, not just with the baby, but everything else. I have to clean out my parent’s place. All that’s left is clothes that I need to send off to Goodwill and some of the large furniture pieces along with scrubbing the place clean. Ack.

We also have our maternity/family photo shoot this Saturday. I hope it stays cool through the weekend. The last thing I want is to feel all sweaty. We’ll be shooting with our dogs at some park somewhere. It’s our first professional photo shoot since our wedding 5 years ago. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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Almost Spring

3363804089_b0e1c76f14I planted some spring flowers about two weeks ago. Unfortunately last week’s cold rain nearly killed some of it. Hopefully with this great spring sunshine, they’ll come around. Here are some pictures.

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2009 Resolutions

Recap of 2008. There were several ups and downs but overall it was a good year.

1. Brian got a new car.
2. Dad got sick and was hospitalized for 2 weeks.
3. We got puppy Leah.
4. I traveled to Richmond for work.
5. Both my parents health has been stabilized.
6. We went to San Diego for vacation.
7. My maternal grandmother passed away. Click here to see neat a mausoleom my mom’s family built in Cambodia.
8. We bought a dining set (my half of the deal since Brian got the new Macbook). Only one more room to fill – formal dining room.
9. We threw a holiday party.
10. Took a much needed vacation where I did absolutely nothing.

So here’s my personal resolution for 2009. I know it’s silly to make resolutions especially when they’re broken in about 2 months, but hopefully, just maybe I keep these resolutions.

1. Workout 4-5 times a week
2. Learn how to meditate
3. Read at least 1 book a quarter
4. Eat more veggies
5. Eat out no more than once a week at work
6. Cook more
7. Blog more
8. Wake up earlier and begin a morning routine (ie. do chores, walk the dogs, eat breakfast, chill, then get ready)
9. Organize our closet
10. Do more gardening
11. Read the news more
12. Organize the stuff in our cabinets
13. Fix the hole in the ceiling of our dining room

I think all of these are attainable, with the exception of the last one. We’re hoping to plan a big trip for the fall, but I haven’t even begun to do my research. I was hoping I was going to get some that research done during my holiday vacation, and I suppose I still have a couple days left, but the task seems to be overly daunting. Maybe I should just call the travel agent that a friend recommended.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Why are we getting the Dallas Briefing?

The Dallas Briefing sucks. It’s from the Dallas Morning News and it is littering our neighborhood. It’s a free “paper” that now arrives every day with three pages of news and 10 of advertisements and I can’t imagine it serves any purpose to anyone. Some of our more useless neighbors don’t even bother to pick it up so there’s a pile of four or five of them in their front yard. Awesome.

Even worse, according to people at work, calling and canceling the Dallas Briefing accomplishes nothing. It just keeps being delivered. Even after three phone calls it keeps showing up everyday.

Why would anyone want this garbage? It’s called the Internet people, look you’ve even got your own site there. Let the print newspaper die already. DIE!


Flowers (update: are pathetic)

grubworms.jpgSomething is eating my freshly planted begonia leaves damnit!

UPDATE: I checked the begonias I planted last Friday in the backyard and those too are being eaten. Brian thinks it’s the grub worms. Whatever they are, we’re making a trip to Home Depot to get something to zap them. I am sad. My flowers look pathetic!

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I hope last night was the end of it. Although I doubt it because we’ve got about a month to go before tornado season ends. We’ve had to wake up at 2-4 am every early morning since Monday because of the bad thunderstorms. Last night was the worst of it. Brian got up and looked up the radar and all surrounding counties including ours had a Tornado Warning. Luckily though it was just straight wind, I think up to 87mph. Still bad, and bad enough to do lots of damages in our neighborhood. Both neighbors on either side had their fences blown down. There are roof remnants everywhere. Trees were blown down. There was one house down the street that had a trompoline sitting in the front yard. The street behind us took the worst hit I think, or at least it was the worst that I saw. My commute to work was also tricky but luckily traffic wasn’t so bad. The main route that I take was closed because the power lines were down. In fact I even drove by a power line that was sitting on the street. Luckily though, our house survived. At least it seems that way. The only thing that happened was that the patio chairs moved a bit, one of the solar lights was uprooted, and worst of all the little trees in our back yard looks like the wind is still blowing. I think we should still check out the roof to make sure there isn’t any damages, especially from the hail we got the other night.

Click here to see some photos Brian took.

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Superbowl Weekend

Commercials were boring, although I did like the Corolla one. I didn’t pay much attention to the game other than the end which apparently was the best part. Of course I missed half time. I was actually asleep. After spending much of the day with my parents, I was exhausted.

The day prior, Brian and I went over to World Market and got some furniture. I was only interested in an accent table they had on sale that would fit perfectly in the foyer area. I took pictures, but of course they’re at home. Here’s one from the website.

But while looking at this particular table, we also found an end table that was the perfect size for our game room. So we bought two of those. Brian spent most of Saturday putting the tables together. What a pain in the butt they were.

We also got a pretty iron piece from Pier 1 for our bedroom. The bedroom is almost complete, other than the end table for my side of the bed. I really want one that match, perhaps when we go down to NB next weekend, we can stop by the furniture store and get one, if they still have it in stock.

So much furniture. We still need to fill the other two rooms downstairs. I think we have to wait another year before we can do that.


Merry Early Christmas

Ok we couldn’t wait to decorate, so we spent the entire day putting up Christmas lights and Christmas decoration. Here’s preview of our fireplace.


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