CoIrkers woes

Ever had one of those days where coirkers just drive you insane. This was it. I don’t think I’ve ever cried because of work, but today was the day. I was livid. The whole situation was completely ridiculous.

Anyway, I am ready for our vacation. Originally we planned on going to Lake Tahoe. But then I started looking at other places, such as Hot Springs, Arkansas, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Colorado Springs, Savannah, GA. We want something that’s low key and not too touristy. That sorta ruled out San Francisco, but someday I’d still like to go there. Whether we go somewhere or not, I’m still going to take a couple days off Labor Day weekend. Not only do I need a friggin break, but it will be our one year anniversary. Strange how time flies.

I think Brian and I are working too much or at least are too consumed with work. I have to admit that in looking at some of the facebook pictures, I’m missing out on a lot of group stuff that old friends are doing. HEY, INVITE ME TOO! In lieu of that, I’m throwing a game night with some friends at work this weekend at our house. It should be fun. The plan is dominoes and Wii Party games. At some point, I need to invite other people over. That in itself is probably enough to get our minds off work related stuff.

In other news, I was preapproved by work to take the PMP course at UTD. Soon I will be project management certified, woohoo!


Doped up on caffeine

Boss man says we can leave but I think I’ll stick around at least 15 more minutes in case something comes up. I had a whole cup of coffee this morning and a whole bottle of diet pepsi. Now I’m all jittery from the caffeine. That’s more caffeine I’ve had in awhile.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what trips we should take on our first honeymoon. I think we’re going to rule out Cabo for any trips in September since we don’t want to be caught in the same situation. Both of us really want to go to San Diego, since we’ve heard nothing but good things about them. My idea was to fly up to San Diego, stay a couple days, then take a road trip up the coast to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. I’m not sure how long the drive is, but I’ve always wanted to take a road trip on the west coast. Who knows…

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Post Wedding Blues

Ever since we got back we’ve been busy. We were out of town last weekend so we didn’t even get to enjoy just being at home. I’ve been busier at work, and coming home I’ve got other work to do. I haven’t had much time to even sit down and work on thank you cards or open my gifts or enjoy the pictures we got, or even just enjoy being married. Well of course I’m enjoying married life, but there’s just no time to really relish all those other things. On top of that, after planning a wedding for a year and a half, all of it’s been done and poof it’s gone. It’s quite strange. I still visit the knot boards and just because it’s fun to read, but it’s really sad not having to anticipate or plan anything. Poo.

I think tomorrow we’ll set a date night. I need a drink ;-)

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Photos from our Honeymoon at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya resort at Playa del Carmen

I finally made Brian edit these photos and upload them. Enjoy.

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14 hours or something later

and we’re back… It’s 3am and I have to be up in a few hours to go to work. I’m so tired…

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Honeymoon booked

Yay, we booked our honeymoon. We’re leaving early Monday morning at 6:30 and getting back late at 10 the following Sunday. Cabo here we come! Now all we need to get are the passports, which we’ll have to do this week in case there’s some sort of crazy delay!

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173 more days till our wedding

I think we should’ve scheduled a spring wedding like Brian suggested way back when we first got engaged. I hope it’s not as hot on September 2nd. I’m thinking it may be considering this drought and it was unbearably hot this past weekend. Ugh! I know we’ll be indoors for the most part but it’s still going to suck.

Anyway, Brian found a better deal to Riu Palace at Cabo on Funjet. I think we may go that route than booking through Expedia. I need to call Tony and schedule time for our engagement pictures. I was thinking the end of April would be good. Potential locations of the engagement pictures would be Las Colinas Canals, Downtown, Mockingbird Station (although it’s too close to work), Arboretum, or White Rock Lake. I like the fake Venetian settings of the Canals the most.

Dallas is so uninspiring. There is absolutely zero culture that really defines it. Blah…


Honeymoon Locale

Riu Palace

I think I found the honeymoon resort. I’ve been researching Hawaii and Italy. But after everyone has advised us against going to Hawaii because of the price and the fact that it’s just as nice as any of the other resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico, I think we’ve decided on going to the Riu Palace in Cabo San Lucas. It’s an all-inclusive resort so food and booze is included. I know Brian will love the fruity drinks!

I have read some disconcerting reviews in TripAdvisor, but I did see more positive reviews than negative. The negative ones seems to be written by people who think they’re “worldly travellers” and they’re also very consistent. Hard beds, poor hotel management, sewage smell. Some people have negated those saying they didn’t notice any of that. It’s also a new resort – about 8 months old. The majority of the guests there loves it including the DFW Knot girls, so I think we’ll be ok. Isn’t it pretty?

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