Busy holiday

What a whirlwind of a weekend. It was definitely too short, especially since this is my first work holiday since going back to work. How long has it been? Only two months? It feels like ages ago.

We took our first family vacation over the weekend. It was intended to see family, my mom and brother and his family. That part was nice, but we were able to squeeze in some sightseeing while in Seattle. The weather couldn’t be more pleasant. It was nice and sunny and just cool enough that a hoodie would do. I wish we had more time, but I’m sure we will visit again soon. My mom loved seeing E, and couldn’t believe how big she’s gotten. She kept commenting about how chubby her cheeks are. They are quite squeezable.

She was an amazing baby during our flights to and from Washington. Luckily we had window seats on both legs so I was able to nurse during both takeoffs and landing. She did get a bit fussy for no more than ten minutes at the beginning and e d, but only because she was super sleepy. I hate early ,or my flights, but for a short trip, I wanted to maximize our time at the destinations. Anyway, she slept through most of the flights which was great. The only part that was embarrassing was her gas. Boy was she gassy. I hope it was confined to just our row because it stank! Poor baby hadn’t had a bowel movement since Thursday. She finally pood this morning. 20120529-213258.jpg


Anyway, to recap, we got there Friday morning, grabbed our car rental, and made our way to my brothers house. It’s nice staying at a place for free! My mom was about to head out to a doctors appointment, so we went and grabbed lunch at a Szechuan restaurant. There are lots of Asians eateries up there. Food was ok, I don’t think I like the numbing, tingling effect of the szechuan peppercorn. It was odd and unpleasant. After lunch, we napped before heading out to go your the town. We drove around, but didn’t really have any place to go, so we ended up on Mercer Island and stopped at a cute little coffeeshop called Starbucks.


After feeding her we had dinner and headed back home. We got an early start the next day, and headed downtown to Pike Place. First we picked up some donuts for breakfast at Top Pot Doughnuts. It’s supposedly famous for its donuts, but after spending
34 dollars for 1.5 dozen donuts it tasted a bit overrated. Hope the rest of the family enjoyed it. Pike place was nice. I wish we had something similar in Dallas, but I don’t think we ever will. We don’t even have water!



The next day we reluctantly agreed to go on a picnic at Deception Pass National park. Reluctant because it’s a two hour drive, and we wanted to spend our last day with my mom. I’m glad we w t though because the puget sound mixed with the forest and sunny weather was great. We made it nome for dinner and hung our with mom before baby had to go down for bed for the night. We will return soon. More pictures to come. These are just images from our phones.





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2009 Resolutions

Recap of 2008. There were several ups and downs but overall it was a good year.

1. Brian got a new car.
2. Dad got sick and was hospitalized for 2 weeks.
3. We got puppy Leah.
4. I traveled to Richmond for work.
5. Both my parents health has been stabilized.
6. We went to San Diego for vacation.
7. My maternal grandmother passed away. Click here to see neat a mausoleom my mom’s family built in Cambodia.
8. We bought a dining set (my half of the deal since Brian got the new Macbook). Only one more room to fill – formal dining room.
9. We threw a holiday party.
10. Took a much needed vacation where I did absolutely nothing.

So here’s my personal resolution for 2009. I know it’s silly to make resolutions especially when they’re broken in about 2 months, but hopefully, just maybe I keep these resolutions.

1. Workout 4-5 times a week
2. Learn how to meditate
3. Read at least 1 book a quarter
4. Eat more veggies
5. Eat out no more than once a week at work
6. Cook more
7. Blog more
8. Wake up earlier and begin a morning routine (ie. do chores, walk the dogs, eat breakfast, chill, then get ready)
9. Organize our closet
10. Do more gardening
11. Read the news more
12. Organize the stuff in our cabinets
13. Fix the hole in the ceiling of our dining room

I think all of these are attainable, with the exception of the last one. We’re hoping to plan a big trip for the fall, but I haven’t even begun to do my research. I was hoping I was going to get some that research done during my holiday vacation, and I suppose I still have a couple days left, but the task seems to be overly daunting. Maybe I should just call the travel agent that a friend recommended.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Spring Forward

This whole Spring Forward thing is killing me. I can barely get my butt out of bed at 7am. I’ve been running late the last couple days. Not that it’s a big deal though. Perhaps I should set my alarm for 6am instead of relying on Brian’s alarm. That should give me enough time to get out of bed, shower, make lunch and take my time in the mornings.

This morning’s drive was extremely slow. We had fog today and it’s the most dense I’ve seen in years. There were idiots who drove around without their headlights. One of them was a gray car. UGH. I HATE PEOPLE.

I packed my workout bag again today and will be heading off to the gym at lunchtime. Two days in a row. Let’s hope I keep this up for the whole month. If I can do that, it’s one milestone attained!

Anyway, it’s that time of year again where we’re looking at vacation spots. Every year we keep mentioning San Diego, so for once I think we’re going to book our trip there. Not sure why we want to go there in the first place…

I’ve started saving for our Europe trip next year. That is if the value of the dollar is going to go up. If not we’ll probably wait until 2010. The big trip before we start popping out kids. ACK.



Brian and I usually celebrate by going to a movie, having a nice dinner and sometimes even exchanging gifts, only because there’s not too many times out of the year where you can celebrate yourself as a couple. Over the past 2-3 years though, we’ve taken it light. It’s nice not to have to stress out about it.

Last year, Brian came home and made dinner. This year we’re doing the same, although we’ll be cooking together. I splurged (got carried away) at Central Market. I have to admit that place is a rip off, but it’s hard to avoid at times. Anyway, so that’s our plans for vday. Too bad our fireplace doesn’t work, otherwise, we can enjoy a good movie in front of the fireplace.

Speaking of which, I think we’ll wait until the summer to get it fixed. It may be cheaper then.

Anyway, I’m a little over halfway done with re-reading my PMP Textbox. I got some other study materials from Amazon which I’ll conquer this weekend. Only one month to go.

I’m also looking at the PM Certificate program at UTD. But I wonder if the certificate is redundant to the PMP Certification. I certainly wouldn’t mind taking the courses if it actually helps me do my job better. Although there is an interesting Business Intelligence Certificate course at SMU that also looks good. I did see some of my old professors teaching some of the classes within this program. Both programs are about 18 credit hours each, which essentially is an entire semester. However, with the UTD course, I think I can work up to getting a Masters.

I guess I should take things step at a time…

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Money Money Money and Happy New Year

I think I broke the bank this holiday season (is that even the right phrase). Anyway, we’ve spent way too much, moreso on ourselves than anyone else. It wasn’t necessarily for gifts, but for Christmas decor, etc. We bought a tree at Target on Saturday that was 50% off. Much nicer than our current one, but the top tier is missing something. We don’t want to return it, so hopefully we’ll find a plastic piece that wrap around the end so that it sits up straight. It’s not a big deal.

The other big money purchase was a DYSON. Mmmm. It’s kinda sad that I’m so excited about a vacuum cleaner, but since Linens N’ Things was having a sale on vacuums it was too good to pass up. We’re still 350 bucks shorter now. Who knew a vacuum can cost so much, but it sure picks up dirt pretty well.

With the big purchases and Brian’s car troubles, we’ve spent so much in December. Boo. I’m hoping to start the new year off well without making frivolous purchases. But I do hope Brian gets a new car soon.

Anyway, with that aside, I did not sleep well last night. Work has been on my mind, and I’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking of what I need to follow-up the next day. Ugh. I hate when that happens. I was up for two hours trying to remember what I needed to do. On top of that, my mother calls me at 5:30 in the morning. My dad was having issues, I think he was trying to pass a kidney stone. I called her again this morning to see if everything was ok, and she said he’s fine now. Thank goodness. I was hoping we can get through 2007 without having to take him to the hospital again.

Anyway, I hope 2008 is as good as 2007.

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Our house looks like it threw up

We STILL have trash leftover from Christmas time. Ugh. I started picking up but didn’t get very far. My goal is to clear the living room this weekend and put up all Christmas decor. I think we spent more on Christmas decor than we did on our actual decor. At least though we got some pretty nice stuff to stock our house with. A wine rack, hanging shelves and lots of cooking stuff. I can’t wait to try the pasta roller, my first attempt will be homemade lasagna noodles and ravioli.

I also got from Brian a Chi hair straightener which I love. A cozy fleece jacket (now I don’t have to borrow his). A purdy watch. A book. Some more kitchen stuff.

I got Brian a receiver for the game room, a set of speakers for the family room downstairs, a shirt, a belt, and the annual ornament we always give each other. Christmas was great. Thanks everyone for the lovely gifts.

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What the…

Texas weather can be crazy, at least the weather people are somewhat accurate in reporting this time around. It was 80 degrees yesterday and today’s high was 42. I think at one point I saw flurries displayed on my weather widget.

Anyway, I was looking through some old photos, from right before the wedding. Hrmph, I need to get back to the gym. Even Brian had dimples I can see. We’ve both been focused with other stuff, that I think we’ve lost the urge to stay fit. With the Christmas holiday around the corner, it makes it worse. Plus I think drinking more alcohol doesn’t help. It sounds so cliche, but we need to start on a clean diet once the new year rolls around. I keep looking for motivation, but nothing is a better motivation than looking and feeling good. I still want to run that marathon someday. Or maybe just a half.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last PMP class. I need to register for the test so I can have a target date to cram for. I’ve started on my flash card. You usually get a test date 2 weeks from when you register. I think two weeks is too soon. But I would like to take the exam in the 3-4 weeks. Maybe the first of the year would be good. I can’t delay it, otherwise I may forget everything. If I can devote an hour each night for the next few weeks, I think I will ace this test. So far my score is about a 70, which technically is passing, but why go into the test with only 70% of what you should know?? It’s all those dang glossary terms that I have to memorize. Hmph.

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Merry Early Christmas

Ok we couldn’t wait to decorate, so we spent the entire day putting up Christmas lights and Christmas decoration. Here’s preview of our fireplace.


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