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Michael Jackson is dead? How sad, and random. He’s quite possibly the most famous person in our generation. RIP, MJ!

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Movie Review

We saw Gone Baby Gone Saturday night. Highly recommend it, although it’s not something I would watch again due to the subject matter. I would have to commend Ben Affleck for his directorial skills. The movie is thought-proking in that it makes you think of what is actually right and wrong. There are certain scenes that you probably dont want to think of ever, but unfortunately stuff like that happens in real life and people need to be more aware of it. Definitely not for a child, so don’t bring them.

On a different note, I decided to wear one of my new boots. My foot is burning hot. I want to take them off, but I bet it’s been sweaty and now smelly. AHHHH, wish I had a spare pair of shoes.

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One day before shooting began, Mark Wahlberg stepped in to replace Ryan Gosling in “The Lovely Bones,” the Peter Jackson-directed adaptation of the Alice Sebold novel for DreamWorks. Gosling was miscasted anyway. He seems too young to be playing a father. Although Markie Mark isn’t so bad himself. We just saw “We Own the Night” on Saturday. The movie was ok…

I am determined to watch every movie Ryan Gosling has made.

I am lame.

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Daily Musings

They’re turning the Lovely Bones into a movie. The cast seems pretty awesome, so I hope it turns out well. I never finished the book. The whole rape thing just didn’t do it for me. Besides I was on my honeymoon then. I think I need to go back and finish it. Ryan Gosling is going to be in, ahhh so dreamy.

This is rather random or early, but I’m in search of a good Christmas Tree. And yes I’m all for the fake stuff, why chop down real trees that end up being in the trash later on?? Stupid people. Anyway, I’m not sure where we can find the best deal on one. I known we can wait until after Christmas, but I want a good one now! I’m thinking a 9 ft tree would be ok (YIPES, it’s 199 bucks at Home Depot). Maybe that’s too tall? I can settle with a 7.5 foot one. I also need a good tree skirt. Or maybe we just stick to the current one and wait for the after Christmas sale…

So I was thinking of a new vacation, perhaps around New Years. Then I realized, that’s probably the busiest time here at work, so maybe around February. We get Washington’s Bday off which is February 18th. That’s perfect timing since it’s right around Valentine’s day. Hmmm. I’ve always wanted to go skiing. Brian thinks it’s silly because “we don’t ski”. I think there’s an opportunity to do stuff at least once. Who knows, we could be pros (or not). Anyway, I guess we’ll have to think about it a little more.

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It’s tea time

I’m trying to drink more hot tea. I guess for its health benefits, plus it’s better than coffee. I went and bought of box of passion tea from Starbucks. Man that thing is strong. It tastes like really tart fruit juice, but it’s so darn good. I think I like it better as an iced tea versus hot.

Anyway, so I have to work late on Mondays from now on, which is fine, that means I get to come in later which means I don’t have to wake up early on Mondays. I think it’s not so bad. Although when 5 o’clock rolls around it’s a bit misleading, bc that’s when I should be going home.

This past weekend we went to go see Henry Cho at the Improv. It was pretty good, although I think I liked Paul Varghese (opening act) better. He told the same joke as the last time we saw him, but he was still funny the second time around. The show was sold out, and when we got there, they gave us the wrong table. The guy was being a bit snotty since we didn’t want to move because the table was in a good spot, but since our party was bigger than what it was when we originally bought the tickets, they wanted to move us to a corner table. Anyway, we finally moved tables, but I was still ticked off at the way he was acting, I guess you kinda have to be that way. Drinks there suck by the way. Since there was a two drink minimum, I just ordered a diet coke for my second one. We then stopped by Brian’s coworkers apt and had some more drink and watched more comedy central. This was the first time Brian has ever gotten drunk in public, and I didn’t like it so much. He gets really repetitive and loud, at least to me. All was fun though. I think Brian woke up the next morning with a hangover, silly boy.

Anyway, I think Reesey was sick this weekend. She threw up some nasty orange stuff (pepperoni stick maybe) and barely ate all weekend. She pretty slept all day Saturday though. It’s almost time for her vet appt too. Poor puppy hates the vet. She shakes and shivers before we even pull into the parking lot and as soon as we put her on the ground she runs straight towards the door.

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We’ve got a Wii!

Nintendo WiiLast week Christina called me at work to let me know she’d spent $250 on her lunch break. I didn’t know what she could have possibly purchased since we just had Christmas and there wasn’t really anything we needed. But there was something I’d wanted! She had stumbled upon a shipment of Nintendo Wii‘s being stocked at Target and had quickly grabbed one before the word got out.

She had tried to no avail to find me a Wii before Christmas so she could surprise me but this was just as good. If she had actually been able to find it and wrap it and put it under the tree, I would’ve easily spotted the box and ruined any surprise.

The first night it took close to two hours to get the darn thing set up. Unboxing and plugging everything wasn’t too difficult (finding space for it in the A/V rack was a little fun) but the two separate system updates too forever. I think it may have been our Internet being slow and not Nintendo’s fault, but one update took about half an hour and the other at least 45 minutes. It kind of ruined that initial joy of turning a brand new console on and starting it up and playing some games. (Yes I could’ve skipped the updates but I had no idea they’d take so long when I started them.)



47 more days to go

Ok, so yesterday we finalized our rehearsal dinner location. Finished putting together the invitations which will go out this week. I hope it’s not too late. Eek. I have to go to church with my parents sometime not this weekend, but the weekend after to hand out the invitations. I’m sending my sister a few so she can mail out to her friends. I’m hoping to get it all out there by July 30th. A month ahead of the date, I think we’ll be ok.

Next thing to do is the little stuff. Update our registries, draw a layout of the tables, buy candy for candy buffet, buy stuff we need for the honeymoon, take my bridals, get the dress spot cleaned and pressed after the bridals, make appt at hotel for bachelorette stuff.

Pick our songs. Here’s what I have for the ceremony so far:
Air on G String
Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony
Prelude in C

Seating of Grandparents and parents:
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Bridal Party March:
Canon in D

Bridal March

Bridal Chorus
and something else….

For our first dance:
You and Me (wedding version) – Lifehouse

Bridal Party Entrance:
Not sure yet, possibly Get the Party Started by Pink

Cake Cutting: How Sweet It Is – James Taylor

Bouquet Toss: Dunno

Garter Toss: Dunno, Brian will have to pick this one.

Last Dance: Making Memories of Us – Keith Urban

We have a shower this weekend that Brian’s aunt is throwing for us and one in August so that takes up two weekends. What else???

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Free iPod

Click here to sign up for the free iPod deal. I only need ONE more person to get mine!

I need a new one badly to work out with and drown out the people at work. My old one has a broken screen so it’s hard to use. I broke it while trying to hold on to the dog and adjusting it. It just dropped. :-(

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