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Brian and I finally had our engagement pictures done, finally after a whole year of being engaged. It was so much fun. We even saw Terri there, I haven’t seen her since HS. Anyway, he made us do all these poses which were a bit embarrassing at first, but I think we lighten up by the end and we able to get some good shots and poses, traditional and “romantic” ones. I got up at 6:30 this morning to go work out before I got my makeup done with Kelly Espinoza – at 9am – who is another assistant of Stephanies. She did a great job on the makeup. It lasted the whole day without having to touch up.

Now I’m tired. Those pictures better be good!

For more of the photoset click here.


Engagement Must Have’s

So I’ve “borrowed” some pictures from other brides to use as inspiration for our must have engagement photos. We’re getting ours done May 14th at the Las Colinas Canals, and I’ve also included some shots from there just to give you an idea of the setting. Anyway, I’m super excited. Hopefully Tony will let us change since I’m hoping to have more dressier shots and us in jeans. We’ll see.
Click Here for Must Haves Samples.



Haha, so one year ago today Brian proposed in NYC.


Not very often people can celebrate this.

Only 4 more months to go!

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It’s been over a month.

We’ve been engaged for over a month. I’m still researching reception sites. Since nothing we’ve seen so far has really been that exciting, we’re going to keep looking. We’re hoping to make a decision end of June. I’ve made an appointment at Hotel Intercontinental. It’s on the upper end of pricing, but I’m hoping the minimum isn’t so bad. We do get a free room the night of the wedding and at our one-year anniversary, which is kinda sweet considering it’s a decent hotel. I’ve also made an appointment at Plano Centre, which is kinda like a small civic center in Plano. I’m just ready to get things moving.

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My side of the story

I’ve finally written up my story on our engagement story over at my site. It’s like Christina’s but clever and amusing.

Go read it.

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My ring

Just like Brian said, we got the ring On Wednesday. I left work 10 minutes early to just to be home to get it. Yesterday, I went to my parents so they could see it. Anyway, I’m too tired from work to make a decent post…

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The ring finally showed up

Tiffany engagement ring and boxWell the ring finally showed up yesterday. As Christina told you, we had to leave it at Tiffany’s in New York to have it resized to fit her better. They said 4 – 5 days, but it took more 9 – 10. Christina was definitely dissapointed that she only got to wear it for like half an hour before giving it away.

I’m completely paranoid she’s going to lose it or something. I keep asking her if it’s on tight enough and making her shake her hand like crazy to test whether it’s going to fall off. I know diamonds are very durable so I’m not too worried about damage, just loss or theft. It just seems insane to be walking around with something that expensive on your finger.

I need to hurry up and finish filling out the insurance info and get that taken care of. That should ease my fears a little bit.

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The Ring

Ever get the feeling in your throat, you know the lumpy one, where you’re about to find out bad news. I called Tiffany’s today to get the tracking number for UPS. I had a feeling I won’t be getting my ring today, and I’m not. Therefore it is past the 4-5 days like they promised. Christina = upset. To quote Brian’s saying, “UPS has options that are equivalent to a fat guy walking it here.”

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