Baby Boot Camp

I was eager to start working out since I delivered the baby. While I did lose all my baby weight, I needed to tone my body.

Yoga sounded good, but to me it’s never a satisfying workout. I needed to get my heart rate up.

After googling some “mommy and me” fitness classes I found Baby Boot Camp. It used to be called Stroller Fit. Anyway, it’s a national group with franchises all over the place. This morning I attended the first session after getting signoff from my doctor yesterday. Luckily it was free because I wasn’t sure how good a work out it was.

They meet daily at Stonebriar mall before the stores open, and a bunch of mothers and their babies in their strollers meet up inside the mall. We start out with basic aerobic warm up exercises, then a power walk around the mall. Then running, and lunges. We run or power walk all across the mall stopping at different stations to work on abs, more squatting or lunges and more running. Since it was my first day back to exercising, I had to take it easy. I powered walked some of the laps and nearly passed out after doing plank walks.

I enrolled in the class and hope to attend every weekday until I return to work. Baby E did well and only screamed when the class was over. I guess she woke up and had no idea where she was. The class is an hour long and meets at 9am. I had to rush myself up there this morning. After a rough night (she fussed between 2-4am), I could barely get myself to wake up. The baby was still sound asleep but I needed to feed her before we leave. Because of last night’s schedule we were somewhat off on our feeding schedule. Hopefully we get back on track tonight.

It’s only 1 and I’m super sleepy!

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Scale keeps moving up

I know it’s supposed to happen, but it’s never fun to see pounds being gained on the scale. It’s near the end of week 30 and I’ve gained 16 lbs so far. Bah. Appt was quick today with nothing new to report. Baby’s heart rate was 150. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and they will be doing another iron test.

I leave you with Leah’s new haircut. She looks like a different dog. Reesey got one too but I don’t have a picture.


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Post Natal Fitness

Every since I got knocked up, my fitness level has dropped significantly. I went from training for a half marathon, Insanity workouts, watching my eating habits to very little yoga and some walking. I was really hoping to get in some fitness routine in my schedule but lacked the energy to do so. I started out pretty well walking/running/swimming during the first part of my second trimester but got really lazy starting in August. Maybe it’s the heat, or the lack of a good night’s sleep or being busy at work.

As I’m starting my 3rd trimester, I know that I need to keep up some sort of routine so that labor and delivery is easy, especially if I plan to go drug free. I’ve been trying to squeeze in some yoga here and there, but I really need to combine cardio and yoga and weight training into my schedule (without overdoing it of course).

Anyhow, I know life will be completely different after the baby arrives, but I’m excited about getting back into shape. My plan after getting the all clear from the doctor is to start running again and doing some light workouts. I’m hoping that within a few months I can start going to a Crossfit gym. It actually looks fun and doable (and scary at the same time). Here’s a video explaining what Crossfit is all about.

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New Addition

Well we did it. We’d gone and got pregnant!

We knew going into the year that we were going to start trying. So at the beginning of the year we decided to go for it. After a few weeks rolled around I was getting a bit discouraged. I knew it was my impatience getting to me, but I couldn’t help but think there was something wrong. February rolled around but I got sick with the flu so we had to try again in March. I think somehow we may have gotten the stars aligned then, but after taking several pregnancy tests and after seeing the negative results I was really starting to get discouraged.

We were supposed to run the Warrior Dash in mid-April and I had decided that after the Warrior Dash I would start on a new workout regime. Since I wasn’t pregnant yet, I figured I might as well stay fit. On the day of Warrior Dash, I had taken a pregnancy test, but yet again it was negative. In some ways it was ok, because if I was going to slip and slide in mud at least I’d be safe.

We were scheduled to go on vacation the following week. The day before our San Francisco trip, I knew something was up. It was only 4 days since the last test on Warrior Dash day, but I was already a few days late. I stopped by the CVS to buy a new set of pregnancy tests (I probably spent alot on pregnancy tests), and went straight to the bathroom as soon as I got home. Brian had the day off and thought it was strange that I didn’t say a word to him when I got home. He was halfway down the stairs to come check on me when I marched right out of the bathroom and stuck the positive test in his face with a big smile. Needless to say we were both very excited.

So we kicked off our first vacation of the year with great news. I guess I was pregnant while running the Warrior Dash. It was just too early to be detected with a test. So sometime between March and April, we had conceived.

I scheduled my first OB appointment as soon as we returned from our trip. The following weeks were quite strange. I immediately became exhausted all the time. On top of that work was starting to get super busy so I had no time to really relax. Every little ache or pain freaked me out even though it was nothing. Luckily I didn’t experience any morning sickness, although I felt extremely full and bloated after each meal. It just felt like I had eaten the worst meal of my life.

We finally saw the doctor at week 8 and she officially confirmed the pregnancy and gave me an EDD of 12/25!!

We wanted to wait until our first appointment to tell the family. Of course I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and begged Brian to let me tell my parents or at least someone. We finally decided to tell my parents. They were excited, but seemed more relieved than excited. I think they had given up hope that we were going to have kids :-p

Since that first OB visit, we’ve had our 11 week appointment along with our first sonogram. We were super nervous going in. It was the first glimpse of the baby and since the only confirmation was through a urine test, we still didn’t believe I was pregnant. But as soon as they called my name, we marched into the screening room and there it was!! Amazing! I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard the heartbeat. Then my laughter must have shaken up the baby because it started to flop and flail around. It was totally unreal. I wish we had captured it on video.

So far, all the baby screenings and blood tests have turned out normal. Whew.

So now I get to enjoy this growing belly. Well sorta. I’m in the in between stage where it really hasn’t popped out yet, but the bloat and flab is starting to annoy me. I feel like a blimp. Ugh! I can’t wait until this belly starts to show so I can just move on to maternity clothes.

Now that we’re at the end of the trimester, all our family knows, people at work know, so it’s public knowledge. FB friends will have to wait a bit longer though.

I’ll also start going back to the gym in the next few days just so I can stay fit during the next 6 months. I created an account on to track my nutrition and fitness. My goal is to feed this baby good whole foods and all the recommended vitamins and nutrients; although I’ve been failing at that the last few weeks. I’ve been craving bad for me fast food. I guess since I’m no longer dieting I’ve been trying to get these cravings out of the way. At least I’m loading up on yummy fruits and melons.

We’re also going to schedule our babymoon/anniversary trip/30th bday trip at the end of the summer. So excited!

Pictures to come…


Making good progress

On days like this, I wish I had rain boots or some good solid Uggs. I should go try some on this weekend.

Yesterday was a good day in terms of fitness.

I stopped by the grocery store to pick up fixins for pizza. Got home, changed, walked the dogs, and then went out for a 2 mile run. It was already dark by the time I started running, otherwise I would have extended the run to 3 miles.

I started on dinner, and then went upstairs and did 30 minutes of the Nike Training workout, called The Shedder. It’s basically a combination of lunges, sides lunges, and butt busting moves. Surprised I’m not sore today.

Despite the pizza I ate, my net calorie intake was 1000. Not too shabby.

Even though it is too cold to run outside today, here’s to another solid evening, hopefully.

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Back on track?

I’m somewhat back on track, somewhat…

Finally went to the gym yesterday and jumped on the treadmill. I only had the energy to do 1.5 miles before I started getting side stitches. I guess that’s what one week off does to you. I tried to go further but couldn’t because it was so painful. Instead I snuck into the turbokickboxing class and did that for about 30 minutes. It’s nice to change it up a bit. I’m surprise I still remember some of the moves and was able to keep up. I suppose my weakness really isn’t cardio, but rather with the total body workouts. Yesterday’s total net calories came out to be 971. I followed my eating plan pretty well during the day, stuffing my face with an organic frozen meal for lunch and fruits and veggie juice throughout the day. I even managed to have time to cook a nice dinner of steak with green beans and potatoes.

I hope I can keep it up today.

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I have done NO physical activity this week. I had planned to go run with a coworker yesterday, but it was too darn cold. I’m hoping to find some time to get down to the gym at lunchtime. I have a fairly short window, so I might not be able to run…because that requires showering and whatnot, so I might just do weights…

I need to get motivated!

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Cabin Fever is no fun

I finished my 7 mile run on Saturday though, so I at least accomplished something. Of my training that is the biggest accomplishment. Although each run, be it 1 mile or 7 is a challenge. I struggled during the last mile, only because I was near the end of my route and had to run a second lap around a park to finish out the mileage. I was also VERY thirsty and my lips were starting to dry out. I can see now why people wear the water belts. I may need to get one of those for myself. By the time I got home, I had a hard time stretching because my entire body was so worn out. On top of my run, I had a busy day planned, so by the time I got into bed at 1am, my body was worn out. I watched TWO movies on Saturday, Blue Valentine and True Grit. We went to the late showing of True Grit, and I was sooo uncomfortable during the movie. My legs were still sore, and I just wanted to stretch out. I fell asleep within 5 minutes of the movie starting so I missed the first third of the movie. :-p

My diet was fine Saturday morning, but I blew my calories at Chuys during dinner with chips and queso and even twinkies (because it was Elvis’ birthday, we got free cake and twinkies). I think my dinner came out to be over 1300 calories which is pretty much my days worth. Thank goodness I ran. My net calories for Saturday came out to be 1306 which is below my target of 1400; however, I’m not sure that’s any good because of all the fat I consumed. In hindsight my ordering choice was fine. I ordered a cup of soup and one taco. It was the chips and queso and twinkies that did me in.

I woke up the next day feeling fine and my legs were no longer sore. Thank goodness for the short recovery!

I had no plans to do anything or go anywhere yesterday. But somehow being locked in the house because of the snow made me all grumpy.

I didn’t have much to cook with at home so I made pasta for dinner. Also, since I didn’t have anything to do, I made homemade cheese crackers with wheat and organic cheese. It was only a small batch, but it definitely met my snack cravings. Total net calories for Sunday was 1623…over my target… Before bed, I did a set of 30-40 pushups only because I felt the need to do something physical to end the day.

Let’s hope the rest of the week is better.

I have to run an 8 miler sometime this weekend. Yikes!

By the way, here’s the recipe for the cheese crackers. I substituted the white flour with whole wheat flour and added in 1 tbs of red pepper flakes.

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