Head Table decor

Since I bought all these pillar candles for the fireplace in the ceremony and since we won’t getting married in that room, I’ve decided to put those candles into good use. I thought about using some of their mirror centerpieces and cluster some of those candles on top of that between each couple’s seating on the head table. So about 4 candles of different sizes every two chairs. Then I’ll use the votive candles/holders that I bought at Garden Ridge and will line it up at the front edge of the table. Essentially there’ll be lots of candle lights covering the head table. We’ll also sprinkle rose petals all around it to add some color. Whatcha think?

As for the guest tables themselves, the country club will be providing 3 votives per table. We’ll be using their mirror tiles and with the vases I bought I will fill them with orange or fushia colored rocks which I’ve also bought and a couple stems of gerber daisies or roses. There will also be rose petals sprinkled around each table. Although it may problematic since we’ll have at least 20 tables and I only have 15 vases. I may alternate between that and using some of their bubble bowls. Hmmm.

As for the cake tables, we’ll sprinkle more rose petals, we’ll have the I Do letters and maybe some more votives.

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Our Wedding Menu

We stopped by Brookhaven today to make a payment and do some preplanning. We sorta finalized the menu (although that can change at any point) and talked about the layout, choosed the colors of the tablecloth etc.

So here’s the rundown:
Table – White table cloth with white overlay and teal napkins (to match bridesmaids dresses)
Chairs – Captains chairs (the fancy kind with arms) so no need for chair covers YAY!
Tables will be round with 8 settings.
There will be a head table seating 10 of us.
She also let us use the other half for the ceremony since there won’t be an event that day. Soooo, the invitations say garden terrace room – but it’s not like it matters since the whole dang thing is all in one building/room anyway. This is great because once the ceremony is over, we can use it as the dance floor! Now we don’t have to use that small space in the corner as the dance floor. Instead the garden-terrace room will be used as the buffet area.

I wish we took pictures or had pictures. DANGIT!

She will also setup the tiny room by the bar for kiddies. She’ll put a tv in there and all we have to supply are the movies to entertain any children.

As for the cake table, we’ll have two, one for each cake. There will be a silk ruffle overlay on each one, so it’ll be dressed up all pretty.

Ok so here’s the menu – I’ve posted one before, but it’s changed a bit:

Cocktail hour:
Hot artichoke dip with pita chips
Fruit and Cheese Display
Vegetable crudite and ranch dip

Dinner Buffet:
Pecan crusted trout with butter sauce
Flat iron steak with cabernet demi
Chicken Saltimbocca roulades
Leaf salad and two composed salads
Dinner rolls
Green Beans
Lemon Pepper Broccoli
Roasted new potatoes
Garlic whipped potatoes
water, iced tea, coffee, punch

wedding cake
deluxe coffee station

Right now we’re ordering one keg (Bud Light) and having a limited open bar, but we may have to get another keg (each keg holds 100 cups I think, I dunno)

We’ll have to finalize everything a couple weeks beforehand, so please return the RSVP cards, because we want everyone to have a good time and don’t want to run out of food!

I hope no one’s a vegetarian because they’ll be eating sides only :-/

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Alright so I’m trying to determine how much we need to reserve for alcohol.

Here is my breakdown:
1 domestic keg $285
1 imported keg $310
open liquor bar $1000 cap (mixed drinks and wine ranges from 4.50 to 6.50)

Is this enough? I know that at least 1/3 to 1/2 won’t drink at all. I may be overestimating, not sure.

I originally was going to have an open bar and put a $1000 cap and turn it into a cash bar. BUT, people are saying that we’ll reach our cap within the first hour since 1000 for 150 people would amount to 2 beers per person or 1 mixed drink per person.

This one is difficult since I’ve only been to weddings where the hosts would bring their own alcohol.

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Candy Buffet Jars

So yesterday after coming back from visiting my parents, I thought I would stop by GardenRidge. The only location I know of is north on 75 somewhere in Plano. I drove and drove and did not find it. I heard they were having and sale was hoping to find something I could use for the wedding. Oh well.

I stopped by Marshalls instead and found glass pieces on sale. I got a clear, tall, very large wine goblet thingy, clear bowl, cylinder hurricane lamp looking glass container, and some other cool shaped glass container. All of this will be used towards the candy buffet and I got all 4 or 5 pieces for 30 bucks. Now all I need is to go to Walmart to buy real candy jars to complete the set. Yay!


First Dance Song Disagreements

First dance songs. Brian and I have been having a bit of a disagreement over this subject. This is the one thing that will reflect both of our taste and personality I think. He doesn’t want the typical pop song or top 10 first dance songs. He suggested You and Me by Lifehouse, and I love that song, but currently it’s overplayed on the radio.

I suggested In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel, but it’s not very danceable.

There’s nothing else that is special except Crazy – Pat Green, but even that isn’t danceable or overly sweet.

This will be a tough one.


First Dance Songs

We’ve been having many disagreements over this. Neither one of us wants cliche songs, but who cares, right?

So I’ve find 2 possible songs I like. What do you think??

  • You and I – Michael Buble because I like the lyrics and it’s different.
  • In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel… I like this one out of all the others. Brian would sing this to me over the phone along with his other sappy songs. I used to fall asleep to them. Hehe…

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The Cake dudes screwed up our appointment. AND NO IT’S NOT MY FAULT. I’ve emailed them several times trying to get confirmation. They dont list their phone numbers, but luckily I found it somehow and called. They said they don’t remember seeing any correspondance from me, but called 10 minutes later and said they indeed see my emails and apologized. They rescheduled for next Sunday, but I think I’ll hold off for a few more weeks, bc I don’t feel like doing anything next week, we already have a tasting with Romano Bakery next Saturday.

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candy buffetSince a chocolate fountain is entirely too expensive, I got this idea from one of The Knotties – candy buffet. We’ll have a table set up with big clear jars of candy that we can get from Sams (ie. M&Ms, wedding mints, Kisses, Jordan almonds etc). We can either have little plastic bags to have the guests fill them up with the candy, OR if we want to spend more money, we can order personalized tin boxes (about 50 cents a box) and have the guests fill up those boxes instead.


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