Oh dear…

Check out this article. The AP contacted me after reading my blog, I said sure why not, there’s nothing wrong with post wedding blues every bride I know have experienced it. I think it was early October when we were interviewed, so a month after the wedding.

Anyway, we’ve been doing good, and always have been. It was just strange going back to the normal life after planning something for so long.

There’s so many exciting things to look forward to in our lives, such as buying a home, having kids, building a business (who knows), and learning from each other. Anyway, I think Connie did a great job on the article…

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Selling my dress

I think I’m going to sell my dress. I’m not that much of a sentimental person and what would I do with the dress anyway, it’s just taking up closet space. I know I can get it preserved and boxed up, but again what will I do with it? Make pillows???

Anyway, I’m going to try to post it on Craigslist and Ebay. We’ll see how much it’ll go for. Maybe the resale value would be a bit higher if I cleaned it…

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Wedding Recap Part Tres

Well the longer I wait to update this, the less I remember. And to think I’d remember every moment on my wedding day.

So Erin got done with Brian’s mom. Next was Julie. We didn’t do much, I ordered a sandwich from Jason’s Deli since I knew I wasn’t going to be building much of an appetite, so we all grazed on that. Kate came in at around noon. I went off to the main club house to check on things and Sheri was kind enough to put some other stuff together after everyone else helped out with the centerpieces. The centerpieces turned out quite nicely considering it was just a hodgepodge of inspiration I got from pictures. It was simple but very cute. Emma, Jacob and I worked on the head table. They were so cute and helpful. Luckily I got some pictures of it with our camera. I headed back to the locker room and asked Brian’s mom to go back to the clubhouse to make her rounds and remind Sheri some stuff. Later on, some snooty country club lady came into the locker room, saw Tony and mumbled some comment about “when did they let men into the locker room?” I didn’t actually hear this, but Tony did and mentioned it to me. He said, “I bet you ten bucks that lady is going to get me kicked out.” I didn’t think much about it, but sure enough right when Erin was supposed to work on me, the manager came in and asked him to leave. ACK. I was so pissed off. I tried to find the lady, but she was no where to be found. So I marched over to Sheri, but she was with another bride. I finally talked to the co-coordinator and told her, and she said she’ll take care of it. About 20 minutes later, Sheri marched in and talked to the manager. They said he could come back in, as long as he leaves if any country club guests are in there.

So anyway, once we were done, we were going to take formal pictures, but I don’t know what happened or what we decided instead. I guess the point was I was going to hide out in the children’s room while Tony takes formal pictures of him and his guys. During this time, my neices kept coming in and I could see guests starting to arrive. I got kinda frustrated since the whole point of hiding out was that people can’t see me, but of course people kept coming in and out. What a stupid tradition that is (the hiding out part). So they finally moved me to the managers office. It was nice and cool in there and so quiet. I was anxious to get started and finally they called us out there.



The anticipated photos are here

Tony was kind enough to give me a set of previews that he preselected so I can easily upload and share. Must go through 800 other photos later…

Click here for slide show

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Wedding Recap Part Dos

So the rehearsal went without a hitch, not that there should be any. We felt kind of rushed only because they have a Sweet 16 birthday party going on with MTV filming it. I have to make Brian watch that show to see if it makes it on TV. After dinner we then headed off towards Pappas Pizza for dinner. I love love their pizza but with all that was going on, I had half a slice a pizza and wasn’t very hungry. Thanks to the inlaws for organizing the dinner.

After that Julie, Kate and Robert and I headed off to the hotel. We weren’t sure what our plans were for that night, but decided to stay in and gossip and catch up was much more fun than going out for drinks. Unfortunately I got a call at around 10pm from a friend that was supposed to do the reading during the ceremony. I guess she had personal issues and couldn’t make it to the wedding. I was gravely disappointed, and I won’t repeat what others said about the situation. To keep myself from being upset, I just told myself, if I wasn’t that important to put all things aside, then this person is neither important. I mean I just don’t ask people to be in my wedding or personally invite people to the wedding if I didn’t think they were important or wanted them to be there. What happens to one on their wedding day will never be forgotten, I’ll leave it at that. I had a blast that night. We watched the Devil Wears Prada on pay per view, and went off to Walgreens for some snacks. Robert bought a buttload of drinks. I think we stayed up till 1:30 that night. We then went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep, so I got up to back out to the other room. Robert was still up working on his laptop, so we just talked about his teaching job. Julie then got up and joined us. Finally at around 2 or 3 we all decided it was time to sleep. I woke up at 6. Sat around while everyone was still asleep. Finally by 8am I think Julie and Robert were waking up. We decided to go get breakfast at La Madelines. I had half a croissant and a few spoonfuls of the parfait. Ugh, I couldn’t eat anything! I ended up taking the yogurt with me hoping I can finish it, but of course that ended up in the trash. When we got there, Erin, our hair and makeup person was already there. I felt bad for being late but we ate as fast we could. I went over to the main clubhouse and the rest of Brian’s family were there ready to help set the tables. I threw off orders and walked back to the girls locker room to see if everything was ok. Came back and helped a little while Erin was working on my sister’s. Silly mom didn’t want her makeup done, so I told my sister to take her spot. After this point things were kind of a bit blurry. We sat around the girls locker room. I ordered Jason’s deli for lunch. Had a couple slices of sammiches which amounted to half a sandwich. Tony our photographer showed up at noon. By then Erin was working on Brian’s mom, I think.

I will post more later once we get pictures…it’ll make these posts much more interesting.

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Thank you notes

We’re halfway done with the thank you notes. I think I may need to get some more. Anyway, in case I do forget anyone, thank you in advance for all the lovely wedding gifts. We’ve decided that for some of them we’re going to wait to use till we get a house, so we probably won’t get to enjoy much of it. Pooo.

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Vendor Reviews posted on The Knot

Vendor Reviews:

Well my wedding day was a complete blur, I don’t remember much and I wasn’t even drunk, I had ONE sip of my drink! So my one advice is to just enjoy and relax. The one thing I do remember is saying my vows, I tried really hard not to break down, but eventually did start crying. Brian kept telling me not to cry, and I kept telling him to stop talking during the ceremony.

Anyway, it’s finally my turn to do vendor reviews, so here goes:

Photographer - Tony Valadez A+++++, enough said. Tony is not only an extremely talented photographer, but very fun to work with. He’s personable and fast with returning stuff back to you. He is my favorite vendor. I should get all the pictures this week. He claimed I was his most difficult bride bc I didn’t express how I felt about the pictures. That is not the case at all. I guess I’m not the type to jump and scream over stuff. I do love his quality of work and will consider him for future photo sessions. He has an eye that’s completely unique from any other photographers I’ve seen or researched.

Cakes - The Cake Guys – A+++++, they are my second favorite vendor. OMG, everyone talked about how beautiful the cakes were and of course how delicious they were. I still couldn’t believe how good the white cakes are. I’ve never had white cake this good. We ended up with strawberry cream and amaretto filling for the brides cake, and plain choc. for the grooms cake. I can’t wait to get home to have the leftovers!! They were also easy to communicate with via email, it takes them a couple days to respond, but they always do.

DJ - DJ Ralph with bookdjralph.com – A+++++. Originally we sent him a CD of songs we liked, but no one was dancing. So finally he was able to play music the guests would dance to. Not only did he show up extra early (an hour early) but he’s great to work with AND his prices are incredible. I don’t see how people can’t find a good DJ for under 1000 bucks.

Dress – Bridesmart – currently Alfred Angelo on LBJ and Preston – A+ – I had a budget and needed to stick to it. The service here is incredible but the selection was ok. Luckily I found THE dress which was a discontinued obscure name brand that I loved. I originally was going to sell it, but I think I’ll keep it. I love my dress. I only gave them one plus because I returned the following week after paying for my dress to pick it up and found that the exact dress was 50% off and they wouldn’t give me a discount. Oh well. Again the service there was impeccable even during the busy hours.

Alterations - Becky Fowler – A+++++, she made me feel like a princess. Not only did she do a good job on the alterations, but my bustle stayed on all night even when people were stepping on my train. On top of all that, after the dry cleaners screwed up some of the beadings, I took it back to her to get it fixed. She did it for FREE. I insisted on paying her because she’s just that awesome. One thing to note, you do have to call her to see if your dress is ready, otherwise she’ll forget.

Invitations - DIY kit from Target, printing at Kinkos. I prefer the printing at Kinkos versus Office Depot because the ink is so much more crisp and it was only a couple dollars more than the other locations. In all I spent about 100 bucks for 150 invitations (not including stamps). The invitation kits were kinda drab and boring so I added some tissue paper and ribbons to reflect my wedding colors. Everyone complimented on how pretty they were.

Reception and Ceremony site - Brookhaven Country Club A+++ – Sheri the event coordinator is great. She just doesn’t know who you are unless you mention your wedding date. The food was great, or so I hear. We had london broil, chicken saltimbocca, and pan fried trout along with sides. They not only do a great job with the food and setup, but I dropped my stuff off (candy buffet, pictures, etc) and she put it altogether for me. The location is even better, right near Addison so all my guests stayed in the Beltline strip in Addison and all raved about how cool that area was. I only rank Brookhaven a bit lower because apparently Sheri had mentioned we can get ready in the girl’s locker room and some stuck up rich lady got Tony kicked out because he’s a guy in a lady’s locker room. Sheri was able to talk them into letting him back in which was fine. Also, at the end of the night while MIL was packing up our stuff, one of the staff coordinators tried to claim that some of the stuff was theirs, but I think we got everything. The other negative is that she left before the night was over, there was another coordinator there, but I guess I would’ve preferred for her to stay the entire night – just one of those bridezilla things….I should however rank them higher, because she let us have the ENTIRE clubhouse for no extra charge which is an added bonus.

Flowers - Jordan Payne with www.abridesdreambyjordan.com A+++++ – Jordan is an event coordinator and also a floral designer. Too bad I only used her for the flowers because she is just super cool. Her prices are a bit steep but for the beautiful bouquets it was worth it. I still stayed within a reasonable budget with her at under 900 bucks for 3 bouquets, 14 bouts and corsages, ceremony arrangements, and flowers for the cake. She even threw in rose petals for the cake table which I didn’t expect. Also, I loved my bouquet, it had just the right amount of colors and mix of flowers.

Minister - Lou Whitworth with Love Notes – A+++++ – everyone complimented at how great he was. Originally we booked with Marty but since I changed my ceremony time, he was no longer available. Lou is awesome nonetheless and showed up right on time for both the ceremony and rehearsal. Not only that but he was able to accommodate a reading that a friend was supposed to do but backed out last minute. He gave a different friend some very last minute suggestions (10 minutes before ceremony) and she did an awesome job.

Violinist - Richmond Punch www.richmondpunch.com – he actually found me on my blog. At 200 bucks, he’s awesome. He plays the heck out of a violin and was very professional. I hope he succeeds as he is new to the wedding scene. He showed up early for the ceremony and right on time for rehearsal. For the price he’s charging, he’s definitely one of my good deals for this wedding.

Bridesmaids dresses - David’s Bridal at Arapaho and Tollway (now closed) – A+++++ – they came in 4 weeks early, AND I got a discount because they thought I had bought my dress with them. WOOHOO. The service here was way better than the one located off of 75.

Hair and Makeup (wedding day and bridals) - Erin Blair – Knottie Dangerkitty – A+++++, I was a bit disappointed she wasn’t available for my engagements because she is just that awesome. Everyone complimented on my makeup and she is super nice. Not only did she show up on time for my wedding day (I felt bad, I was 10 minutes late), but also woke up extra early on Sunday to do my hair and make up for my bridals. Also her prices are amazing, she needs to start charging more because she is that great. MIL had her hair and makeup done as well but complained about her face being itchy at the end of the night. I of course had no issues, and I rarely wear makeup, so I guess some skins may be sensitive. But anyway, I loved my hair and makeup and she gave me exactly what I wanted.

Hair and Makeup (engagement) - Kelly Espinosa – A+++++ – She was also super nice and woke up early to do my hair and makeup for my engagements. I scheduled a bit early with her and my session didn’t start until 5pm, but both my hair and makeup lasted the entire day.

I hope I’m not missing anything else, but will post more if i do think of other vendors.


Unknown gift

Someone bought us a set of lamps, but I don’t know who it’s from. Please email us if it’s you :-)

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