Finally some time

It’s 6:47 and I actually feel like I have time to blog. The baby is napping. Brian is picking up dinner.

It’s usually go go go during the weekdays. Once dinner is over, we wake the baby from her nap, give her a bath, then put her to bed. I’m still super tired by then so I’ll be in bed soon after. Maybe we will watch tv for a bit before I pass out. I’m still getting used to my 5 am wake up. It’s no fun.

Baby E is going through some changes the last 2 weeks. Early last week all she wanted to do was sleep. And if she wasn’t sleeping, she was super hungry!! I had to pack a forth bottle. This week she learned how to flip from her belly to her back. She has only done it twice and I’ve missed both times. I hope to catch it over the weekend. The other fun milestone is she’s starting to laugh. I’ve played peekaboo with her a couple times and she gives me the cutest belly laugh. Can’t wait to hear more giggles.

She’s changing nearly everyday. I wish I can bottle her up so she can stay tiny forever.

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