Bad Habits

I’m sure this is just a phase, but it’s quite an annoying one. Baby realizes she can suck on her fingers. Grrrr. She even spits out her pacifier just so she can shove her fingers in her mouth.

When she turned 4 months, we decided not to swaddle her arms. We figured she will start rolling over one of these days. In lieu of that, I guess she needed another way of comforting herself. So
She sucks on her fingers. We’ve avoided giving her a paci at bedtime up until now. Hope it’s only a phase…

The other annoying thing is that she likes to scratch her head. She’s been doing that since 2-3 months but recently I noticed some scabs from her scratching. The doctor told us to use Aquafor which seems to be working. It’s only been two days but I haven’t seen her scratch her head. Poor baby just had an itchy scalp. She inherits all her dry skin from me. We got a bunch of California baby shampoo and lotions for our shower awhile back. While the products are nice, I think I may switch to something for more sensitive skin. Last thing I want is for her to get eczema like I did when I was a kid.

Despite her silly bad habits, she’s still a happy baby. In fact I was able to get her to laugh the other day. It wasn’t a full out laugh but she chuckled and her belly shook. Can’t wait to see more of that. :)

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