Busy holiday

What a whirlwind of a weekend. It was definitely too short, especially since this is my first work holiday since going back to work. How long has it been? Only two months? It feels like ages ago.

We took our first family vacation over the weekend. It was intended to see family, my mom and brother and his family. That part was nice, but we were able to squeeze in some sightseeing while in Seattle. The weather couldn’t be more pleasant. It was nice and sunny and just cool enough that a hoodie would do. I wish we had more time, but I’m sure we will visit again soon. My mom loved seeing E, and couldn’t believe how big she’s gotten. She kept commenting about how chubby her cheeks are. They are quite squeezable.

She was an amazing baby during our flights to and from Washington. Luckily we had window seats on both legs so I was able to nurse during both takeoffs and landing. She did get a bit fussy for no more than ten minutes at the beginning and e d, but only because she was super sleepy. I hate early ,or my flights, but for a short trip, I wanted to maximize our time at the destinations. Anyway, she slept through most of the flights which was great. The only part that was embarrassing was her gas. Boy was she gassy. I hope it was confined to just our row because it stank! Poor baby hadn’t had a bowel movement since Thursday. She finally pood this morning. 20120529-213258.jpg


Anyway, to recap, we got there Friday morning, grabbed our car rental, and made our way to my brothers house. It’s nice staying at a place for free! My mom was about to head out to a doctors appointment, so we went and grabbed lunch at a Szechuan restaurant. There are lots of Asians eateries up there. Food was ok, I don’t think I like the numbing, tingling effect of the szechuan peppercorn. It was odd and unpleasant. After lunch, we napped before heading out to go your the town. We drove around, but didn’t really have any place to go, so we ended up on Mercer Island and stopped at a cute little coffeeshop called Starbucks.


After feeding her we had dinner and headed back home. We got an early start the next day, and headed downtown to Pike Place. First we picked up some donuts for breakfast at Top Pot Doughnuts. It’s supposedly famous for its donuts, but after spending
34 dollars for 1.5 dozen donuts it tasted a bit overrated. Hope the rest of the family enjoyed it. Pike place was nice. I wish we had something similar in Dallas, but I don’t think we ever will. We don’t even have water!



The next day we reluctantly agreed to go on a picnic at Deception Pass National park. Reluctant because it’s a two hour drive, and we wanted to spend our last day with my mom. I’m glad we w t though because the puget sound mixed with the forest and sunny weather was great. We made it nome for dinner and hung our with mom before baby had to go down for bed for the night. We will return soon. More pictures to come. These are just images from our phones.





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Her faces during our drive home








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Finally some time

It’s 6:47 and I actually feel like I have time to blog. The baby is napping. Brian is picking up dinner.

It’s usually go go go during the weekdays. Once dinner is over, we wake the baby from her nap, give her a bath, then put her to bed. I’m still super tired by then so I’ll be in bed soon after. Maybe we will watch tv for a bit before I pass out. I’m still getting used to my 5 am wake up. It’s no fun.

Baby E is going through some changes the last 2 weeks. Early last week all she wanted to do was sleep. And if she wasn’t sleeping, she was super hungry!! I had to pack a forth bottle. This week she learned how to flip from her belly to her back. She has only done it twice and I’ve missed both times. I hope to catch it over the weekend. The other fun milestone is she’s starting to laugh. I’ve played peekaboo with her a couple times and she gives me the cutest belly laugh. Can’t wait to hear more giggles.

She’s changing nearly everyday. I wish I can bottle her up so she can stay tiny forever.

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Mother’s Day

I’m so glad I get to be a mom to a wonderful baby. She’s become quite the handful but oh so fun. I love her and can’t wait for many more mothers day.

Monster baby.


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Bad Habits

I’m sure this is just a phase, but it’s quite an annoying one. Baby realizes she can suck on her fingers. Grrrr. She even spits out her pacifier just so she can shove her fingers in her mouth.

When she turned 4 months, we decided not to swaddle her arms. We figured she will start rolling over one of these days. In lieu of that, I guess she needed another way of comforting herself. So
She sucks on her fingers. We’ve avoided giving her a paci at bedtime up until now. Hope it’s only a phase…

The other annoying thing is that she likes to scratch her head. She’s been doing that since 2-3 months but recently I noticed some scabs from her scratching. The doctor told us to use Aquafor which seems to be working. It’s only been two days but I haven’t seen her scratch her head. Poor baby just had an itchy scalp. She inherits all her dry skin from me. We got a bunch of California baby shampoo and lotions for our shower awhile back. While the products are nice, I think I may switch to something for more sensitive skin. Last thing I want is for her to get eczema like I did when I was a kid.

Despite her silly bad habits, she’s still a happy baby. In fact I was able to get her to laugh the other day. It wasn’t a full out laugh but she chuckled and her belly shook. Can’t wait to see more of that. :)

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