Miss E at 4 months 5 days.

We missed her 4 month photoshoot. The weekdays are too busy and exhausting to get anything done. But here are some pictures we took today.

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Happy 4 months

A lot has changed over the course of the month. For one thing we are a lot busier and more exhausted than ever.

I started work at a new place. Baby E started daycare. Since then we’ve had very little time to just do nothing. It feels like its go go go nonstop. Not sure how working moms do it. But it’s rough. But mentally and physically. I can barely keep my eyes open at 8:30 in the evening. I blame my revised work schedule. Due to the long commute to downtown, I decided to adjust my schedule from 7-4. This allows me to get home around 5ish. But that also means I get to be awake at 5 or earlier depending on the baby. Ooof.

My first day back was ok. But when driving home and realizing I wasn’t going to get home till 6:30 that night I bawled all the way home and kept wondering if I made a mistake. The good thing about the last job is that the hours are flexible and the commute was easy. I was used to rolling out of bed at 7:30 and getting to work at 9. But thata the only thing I miss…

Anyhow, I’ve adjusted well to the new place. I’ve just got to get my groove back with my energy. The only time I can see myself squeezing any type of fitness routine to keep myself going is at night. But of course I’m usually asleep by 9 if not earlier. Once this nursing business is done, I can probably head to the gym at work. Thank goodness there’s one in walking distance.

Speaking of, pumping at work has been fine with the exception of Tues/Thurs. that’s when the health room is occupied by the massage therapist. On those days, I’d have to run to my car which is parked a block away. I’m not looking forward to walking to my car in the summer. Its totally awkward pumping in the car, mainly bc of the space and the fact that occasionally someone is getting in and out of the car next to me. Luckily the garage is somewhat dimly lit. I’m so ready to be done with this pumping business. :p

So the baby…
She’s changed a lot!! We have started dressing her in 6 months outfits. She’s gotten so big and starting to develop a personality. Just today we saw her grab her toes for the first time. She’s getting used to her hands and is starting to awkwardly grab on toys and putting them in her mouth. She’s developing a bad habit of eating her fingers. She got her first cold, probably from the other germy kids at school. She’s no longer spitting up. She’s pooping less like 3 times a week instead of daily. Because Of that, her poop is smellier and thicker, yay…

She’s getting bald and losing her hair. She smiles a bunch and is starting to develop a laugh. No belly laughs yet. But the biggest thing is that she no longer cries for every little thing. Instead she screams. She still cries when she’s absolutely unhappy though. To sum up her personality, I’d say she’s inquisitive. It’s all in the expression she gives.

She’s perfect in every single way and the most beautiful baby ever. I can’t wait to see her hit her next milestones (ie. rolling and laughing).

Her 4 month checkup is tomorrow. I hope to post stats then. I also need to post about our experience with daycare.

We didn’t get to take a 4 month picture but here’s one from the weekend.



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