We hit a huge milestone today. She smiled on cue. I went over to say hello and tickled her and this is the reaction I get. I can’t wait to see more and actually hear laughter.





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Off Schedule

Baby didn’t eat until 8:30 last night so she didnt fall asleep until 9:30. Then she woke again at 1 and 4am. Typically she eats at 3 and 6am which isn’t do bad.

I hope we get back on track tonight. Here she is grumpy after putting her back to sleep after the 4am feeding.


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Sleeping in the crib for the 1st time


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Squeaky cheeks

I keep calling my baby squeaky cheeks. Probably because her cheeks are bigger than her forehead. She gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks. Makes me wonder if I’m
over feeding her. The doc said she’s doing great though. I’ve been getting better about feeding her when she’s hungry. I just hope I’m picking up on the right cues. She’s been sleeping for almost 3 hours straight now, which is unusual during the day. I wonder if it’s the Hep B shot she got at the doctors this morning. Poor baby never screamed so loud. There were actually tears forming.

After the appointment I took her on a stroll through the mall.

I think I was more exhausted than she was. We did great until we got into the car. She was ready to get out of that stroller.



Post shot:


In the stroller:


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End of week 4

I can’t believe we are almost at the one month mark. It’s making me sad. Pretty soon, she will be going to school. I want her to stay itty bitty forever.

The last few days have been going well I think in terms of our routine. She eats every 2.5 hours during the day and we try to get her to bed by 8:30 at night. She will sleep until 11 when we feed her again. Then she’ll wake up and want her night time feeding at around 3 and again around 5:30 or 6. The last couple of days she’d want her morning feeding at 6:30 which is nice because we can sleep in.

The hardest part is keeping the routine consistent. 8:30 is too early for us to go to bed but we usually find ourselves in bed by that time too. I guess when baby crashes we do too.

The other challenge is the daytime feedings. By the time she’s done eating and settles down for a nap, it feels like she’s only been sleeping for 30 minutes before she wakes up and wants more. That doesn’t give much time to do anything but feed her. I need to find a better way to soothe her so that she can fall asleep quicker. She did pretty well today but had very little playtime because all she wanted to do was sleep after eating.

I guess as long as we remain consistent things will get easier. I know at some point she will want to eat less frequently, which means more time for me to rest.

I leave you with her “I am about to make a big poopy face”. She makes this face and slowly shakes her head from side to side until she lets it out. Then freezes for about two seconds before she relaxes. It’s hilarious and I need a video of it.




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eat play sleep

Trying to get some play time after we eat with tummy time. But all she wants tip do is sleep.


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Sleep Schedule

We’re at the point where Baby E needs to get on a better sleep schedule. Unfortunately she sleeps throughout the day and is wide awake in the early morning and night time between 9-midnight. That doesn’t give us much time to actually sleep.

I hope it’s not too early to try to put her on a sleep routine, but with Brian going back to work already I think it’s much needed. We’ll follow the 7,10,2 schedule. Bathe her at around 5:30 or 6. Feed her at 7 and put her to bed right after. Feed her again at 10 and then once more at 2. We’ll still follow her cues, so if she happens to wake up before or later we’ll push out the time. This already corresponds to her current feeding schedule, but not her sleep schedule. The next few days will be rough, but I’m hoping we’ll get this routine down by week 6 and maybe start transitioning her to her own crib starting at week 8. Who knows if any of this is overly agressive. As a project manager by profession, I feel like I have to have set milestones and schedules so that we have some sort of control. I’m hoping the parent-led/baby-led routine will work for us.

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Post partum recovery

Most of my post partum issues are gone. Except for two really annoying ones. Carpal tunnel and that annoying numbing sensation on my left thigh. The doctor said the numbness will go away in a few months. Thank goodness there isn’t pain and it doesn’t bother me.

But the carpal tunnel needs to go away. It’s terrible and is making me weak in both hands. I can barely put my seatbelt on because if I happen to hit the right nerve, the pain would shoot down my arm. I also think the way I hold the baby while she’s nursing doesn’t help it either. Hoping it’s not a permanent issue…

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