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Is labor imminent?

I passed some of my mucous plug today. So I guess should pay attention on whether not my water breaks or if my contractions become frequent. It could be days or weeks still, but at least I’m making progress. Gotta get that bag ready to go asap!

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Week 36

Nothing new other than we survived our last roadtrip for awhile. Traffic on 35 coming home was horrible as usual. Thankfully there wasn’t an accident, it could have been much worse. I experienced BH contractions every 20 minutes or so during the drive back. It definitely freaked us out.

I saw the doctor this morning and it looks like I’m 1cm dilated and the cervix is starting to thin out. Baby is also heads down as she should be. I need to start wearing a wrist brace to keep my carpal tunnel issues stabilized. It’s starting to get painful to do anything with my right hand. Other than that, the appointment was uneventful. We see the doctor again next week.

Our biggest to-do is to pick a pediatrician. Install the carseat and fully pack up my hospital bag. I semi packed one, but I really need to make sure it has everything we need for the baby as well.

I also need to start walking daily so this baby can come in on time.

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Thanks family and friends

I think we are all set. Not sure what else we need but I’m guessing that list will grow once the baby gets here. In the meantime we are pretty set. There are a few minor items such as toiletry and medicine cabinet stuff for the baby.

Thanks again to all the family and friends who showered us with gifts.


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Staying active

After my weird episodes earlier in the month I was afraid to do any real workouts. Still no excuse to stop. I’ve been doing some yoga stretches now and then but I hardly call that active. I need to start walking. I want this baby to come on time. Not late.

Anyhow after eating a full thanksgiving meal today I felt like a tub of lard. I didn’t even eat that much. But the starch and carbs really filled me up. It’s hard cook up green veggies when it has to
compete with potatoes, stuffing, rolls, pies and whatever else. I did attempt to eat some green beans.

I thought about going out to babiesrus to check out their sale and walk around, but that just sounded crazy. Instead I decided to pop in an exercise video and did some walking/squats.

Feels good to get the blood pumping. Now baby is hiccuping. So cute. I need to do more of this. I may not be sweating but at least it makes me feel

Anyway here’s a picture of Reesey’s sheepy after performing surgery on
it. Not sure if she likes it.


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Week 35

At this point I’m just waiting. The nursery is done finally. We had our first baby shower yesterday and our next one this coming Saturday.

Thank you to everyone that came to our shower. We will be putting everything to good use!

Since we will be traveling down to the Austin area this weekend I guess I should pack my hospital bag and bring with me a list of hospitals on the way. How scary is that. I pray that nothing happens while we are down there.

The last thing we really need to do is find a pediatrician and install the carseat.

Only 5 more weeks to go. I’m really trying to embrace every last bit of this pregnancy. Every aches, weird dreams, crazy emotions, and cravings. Mmm watermelon.

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34 week belly


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Unhappy consumer

In this day and age of the internet, why offer a daily deal via the web and not be able to uphold the deal. You’ll just make yourself and your business look bad.

Secondly, small/local merchants are probably overwhelmed by the level of responses when they offer these kinds of deals.

I was totally impressed with Jenny Leigh Photography’s portfolio. Sooo, when I saw the deal on Living Socials I purchased it immediately. It was the perfect timing with the new baby and all. I sent an email through her contact form about a month ago. Silence. Then I called her a few times. Silence. Sent another email today and no response. As a professional service you get most of your business by word of mouth, and if you don’t respond to inquiries, customers become pissed off or are worried. Especially if they’ve already spent some money in hopes of receiving said services. Ok, it is holiday season and photographers are typically busy around this time. I understand. A simple return message doesn’t take more than 1-2 minutes.

Anyway, I called Living Socials and they told me the merchant was no longer accepting the vouchers and they offered me a refund.

I then went on to her FB page posting my experience and dis-satisfaction. She promptly deleted the message and posted something to the effect that she’s still accepting these vouchers. Whether one party is giving the right info doesn’t matter at this point. Not only am I a pissed off consumer, but I certainly don’t want her services regardless of what is true or not. Photography is sooo personal, and the last thing I want is to work with someone who’s just trying to appease me. How awkward is that.

Thankfully, I have other options to fall back on. There are way too many hungry photographers out there willing to take my business even if it means paying full price for it.

EDIT: Got a call from the folks at Jenny Leigh. They weren’t sure why Living Socials was telling people they were no longer accepting vouchers. Secondly, they checked the call logs and never got a call from me. I called twice. The only correspondence they received was from yesterday’s email. I told them I also put in a contact request via their website back in September. They’re going to look into that issue.
They wanted to mitigate this situation by offering me a free session in the first week of January. I told her I would think about it, but because of the circumstances, it would be too awkward and it’s unlikely that I would take them up on it. Maybe I acted too hasty, but the reason why I got upset is because I was supposedly given the wrong information by Living Socials. Oh well. I am already at the point of seeking out a new photographer, and I don’t want to have to mess with this situation any further.

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