Baby care class


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More breathing stuff

Maybe it’s a symptom of my chest condition or not. But I’ve noticed that my sense of smell has bee heightened. It’s very sensitive. I couldn’t stand in the painted nursery for more than a minute without feeling sick. People’s breath or lunches, don’t get me started….

I guess the third trimester is when I get to experience all the fun stuff.

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In recovery

I saw my doctor yesterday as a followup to the ER trip. She couldn’t determine what it was either and pretty much told me I had to deal with it. I was better by the the time I saw her, but by that evening after my run to the grocery store the pain came back again. Grrr. If it continues to persist we may have to do some additional tests. The only thing the doc can think of is that the pleural membrane around my lungs is inflamed. Unfortunately I can’t take any inflammatory meds or steroids.

It’s gotten somewhat better today only because I’ve been taking it easy. Brian is finishing the paint job in the nursery while I sit and watch tv. I still feel the pressure when I breathe, but it’s not painful.

I hope whatever this is goes away soon.

The baby has been moving around quite a bit. It’s so fun to just lay there and feel her. We can’t wait to see her.

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Not heartburn

Turns out whatever flared up yesterday was not heartburn. I felt like dying. I couldn’t take a breath without getting a sharp stabbing pain on my left side. Everything else was normal except for the chest pain. I struggled getting up to get some water. Someone at work gave me some hot tea which made me feel somewhat better. But since I was so uncomfortable I had to see a doctor. I decided to go find an urgent care, but there wasn’t one nearby that I could think of. Instead I drove myself to the ER struggling to breathe the entire time. Brian wasn’t responding to my text messages. Humph. Anyhow, they finally called me in, asked a few questions and made me wait. A nurse came to draw some blood which was supposed to be sent to the lab, but it just sat there for two hours. After awhile, i made Brian check on the status and they told us they were waiting on lab results. What lab results?? They came back to take the samples, while I told Brian to go home and check on the pups. And I waited some more. The PA came in and the only thing he could think of was a bloodclot, but said the risk was low. My chest X-ray and labs came up fine. My urine sample indicated that I was a bit dehydrated so they gave me 500cc of IV fluid which is half a bag. I had the option of getting a ct scan, but felt it wasn’t necessary. He offered to prescribe some hydrocodone but said I’ll stick to the Tylenol. Every now and then the pain would flare up.

The pain is probably just as bad today, but a warm shower this morning helped tremendously. Still don’t know what it is. I made an appt with my doctor for tomorrow. I hope it’s as simple as the baby squishing my organs, unfortunately that just means I get to live with it. We will see.

I did some yoga stretches tonight which helped with my deep breathing. Something I couldn’t do all day. After laying down though the pain immediately came back. Maybe it’s some weird nerve pain caused by pressure. Who knows….

I can’t help but not ignore the fact that it could be a bloodclot. Hopefully
The doctor can rule that out tomorrow.

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OK, no more spicy food

Just had a Chick Fila Spicy wrap. Halfway through eating, the heartburn or pain starts shooting up. Feel like dying right now. I feel like an idiot pacing around my aisle at work. Someone offered to get my yogurt or ice cream to cool it down. :-p

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No more Holy Frijoles

Brian lovesss this place. I think it’s good too, but I always feel terrible eating it, even before I was preggers. I think the sauces might be too rich or something. Anyhow, I took my sister in law to eat there last night since it was close by and she picked the place. Within 5 minutes of finishing the meal, I had the worst chest ache on the left side. I couldn’t tell if it was heartburn or trapped gas or a heart attack. It felt awful the entire night. I broke down and took whatever we had in the house which was Pepcid AC. That didn’t help. I was up until 2am. I finally fell asleep, but woke up at 5. The pain was still there unfortunately. Not sure what it was, it was so sudden. I don’t think heartburn lasts that long does it?? Anyway, it’s gotten a little better, but still hurts. I placed a call into my doctor, I just have to call them back. I also stopped by the store to get a container of Tums, but I’m trying to limit the amount of meds I’m taking. Other than the required prenatal vitamins, I really try to avoid taking anything else. Let’s hope it was only heartburn and that I don’t have to deal with it again. I try to eat well during the week. I even split up my lunch to avoid eating a big meal in one sitting.

The good news is my body is used to being stretched, so the hip/groin pain has subsided. I know I still need to continue stretching though since I’ll continue to grow for the next 9 weeks.

Aside from the gastro pain, I also didn’t sleep well the night before. UGH. When will it ever get better? It was sooo stuffy in the house, the air conditioner ran nonstop and the temperature wouldn’t get below 81 degrees. I was so angry at us for not looking into this earlier in the summer when the same symptoms occurred. I ended up trying to sleep on the couch downstairs but couldn’t fall asleep until 5am. So overall, I got a total of 10 hours of sleep on Saturday and Sunday night. Maybe I should break down and take some sleeping aids like the doctor suggested….Lack of sleep probably isn’t good for the baby anyway.

Speaking of baby care, we have our first of two Infant care class tonight. Today we’ll be focusing on infant CPR and next week, I guess they’re going to cover basic care.

Happy 3rd trimester :-p

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Maternity pictures

Fell while trekking thru the woods to get maternity pix taken. Pregnant belly plus 4 inch heels plus uneven ground don’t mix.


Scale keeps moving up

I know it’s supposed to happen, but it’s never fun to see pounds being gained on the scale. It’s near the end of week 30 and I’ve gained 16 lbs so far. Bah. Appt was quick today with nothing new to report. Baby’s heart rate was 150. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and they will be doing another iron test.

I leave you with Leah’s new haircut. She looks like a different dog. Reesey got one too but I don’t have a picture.


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