Post Natal Fitness

Every since I got knocked up, my fitness level has dropped significantly. I went from training for a half marathon, Insanity workouts, watching my eating habits to very little yoga and some walking. I was really hoping to get in some fitness routine in my schedule but lacked the energy to do so. I started out pretty well walking/running/swimming during the first part of my second trimester but got really lazy starting in August. Maybe it’s the heat, or the lack of a good night’s sleep or being busy at work.

As I’m starting my 3rd trimester, I know that I need to keep up some sort of routine so that labor and delivery is easy, especially if I plan to go drug free. I’ve been trying to squeeze in some yoga here and there, but I really need to combine cardio and yoga and weight training into my schedule (without overdoing it of course).

Anyhow, I know life will be completely different after the baby arrives, but I’m excited about getting back into shape. My plan after getting the all clear from the doctor is to start running again and doing some light workouts. I’m hoping that within a few months I can start going to a Crossfit gym. It actually looks fun and doable (and scary at the same time). Here’s a video explaining what Crossfit is all about.

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Week 26

Last night I made Brian watch my belly while the baby was moving. He finally caught a glimpse of my belly jumping during one of her kicks. Hopefully he will be able to feel it soon.

Not much going on other than trying to sleep well. I’ve been setting my alarm so I can get up and do some form of yoga on a daily basis. I couldn’t get up early enough this morning to do it though.

Anyway here is a week 26 belly shot.


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Sciatic Nerve Pain??

I primarily lay on my right side even though the books say laying on your left side is better. It’s just that I had trained my body to lay on the other side. Anyhow, I’m not sure if it’s from being in class all day Saturday or from how I sleep, but I had a pain shooting down the back of my right rear down to my calf. I had to pull out the handheld massager and rub it out. I am hoping it’s not a sciatic nerve pain flare up. It’s better today, but then again I got up and did some yoga stretches. I hope to make a daily habit even if it takes 15 minutes to stretch out each morning. I was hoping to get by this pregnancy without dealing with too many issues. I guess I can’t complain if this is all I have to worry about so far.

97 more days to go…

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10 years ago…

Today marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I remember driving to school after having dropping off my niece to school. I can’t remember why I had to drive her…it’s such a rare event. As I was heading towards campus I remember traffic being terrible, but I wasn’t quite paying attention to it since something strange was bring reported on the radio. I remembered hearing plane crash and Dulles, etc. To understand the gravity of the situation, I called Brian. He was still asleep, but I told him something is wrong and to turn on the tv. I remember hearing his reaction as he saw a plane crash into one of the towers. When I finally got to my 9:30 class, someone had the news displayed on the projector. I was still on the phone at that time. I recalled one guy leaving the classroom immediately. His dad worked for the US Embassy. Our prof walked in, turned off the tv. Gave us a pop quiz and dismissed us shortly after. Everyone seemed to be in a daze. Cell phone circuits became tied up. I decided I should just go home and see my parents.

I don’t know where this world will lead us, but I just hope our baby grows up knowing about her surroundings and where to turn to when she’s in danger. I’d hate to think anything like this will happen again but as a proud American I shouldn’t allow this event to prevent us from living a normal life.

In other news, my parents have moved in with my sister. I don’t know what the next few weeks or months or years will be like, but I know that my sister and parents will have to adjust to this new living arrangement. I just pray that it’s for the best. The burden on myself and niece was becoming unmanageable. I was losing too much sleep and becoming too stressed over the little stuff. I’m not saying that I won’t continue to worry… But I hope they are in good hands. If not I will gladly bring them back to Dallas.

It’s been a sad day…

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Quick 24 Week Update

Numbers are looking good.

Baby’s heartbeat was at 140. Did my glucose screening test and iron count test and they both came back normal. I’m all clear for gestational diabetes or anemia.

Now I just need to work on sleeping well…

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