Week 22 bump

Belly is growing. Looks like I’m carrying high. I guess that’s the myth. People who carry high usually are having a girl. And with it comes hip pains. I’m having a hard time bending over. Must strengthen back!


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Week 20

It’s been an uneventful week. Other than a crazy work schedule last week, things are going swimmingly. Baby was moving around on a set schedule (usually in the afternoon). It’s always a delight to feel those tiny movements. This week however, the the schedule is more sporadic. I’ve been trying to do more stretches and yoga in the mornings to alleviate the back achiness which has helped tremendously.

One thing I have noticed is sleeping on my back. I didn’t realize sleeping on the side was difficult, I’d wake up in the mornings with an aching shoulder, but if I sleep on my back, I start to get a sore feeling on my lower back which then forces me to toss and turn all night. Why must the body be so difficult? Fortunately all of this is minor compared to what other women experience. I can’t imagine.

On the diet front, I’ve been trying to eat more leafy greens. According to the web, the baby is now developing taste buds, so I need to start eating more veggies and food that’s good for me. I’ve been loading up on fruit for the most part instead of trying to snack on sweets during the day. So far doing good, other than the cookies I made for work over the weekend. Thank goodness those are all gone. If only I can squeeze in that 4 servings of dairy they recommend. Milk is gross. The only yogurt I can stand is Greek yogurt, and that’s only if I feel like having it.

Anyway, I’ hope the rest of the week goes just as well…

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It’s a…

GIRL. I always had a feeling it was. The ultrasound went well although it was hard for her to capture an image of the actual face and cord. Everything else appears to be normal. Its always awkward to express our emotions while strangers are around. Dunno about B, but I actually got teary eyed. Baby was apparently moving around a bunch. It was harder to tell though this time around what we were looking at. Technology is amazing. This is the last sonogram until we get into the final weeks.

Baby’s heartbeat still going strong at 143 beats. Babys weight and measurements came out to be in the 55th percentile. Average is good.

Spoke to the doc about my back pain. She said to just work on it. I guess I need to practice prenatal yoga more often.

Next appt is in 5 weeks.


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