I absolutely have to get back into Yoga. For the last two days my back has been killing me. I just need a good stretch. I also need to stop at the pool and do some swimming. That’s always refreshing. Maybe I’ll get those two in after my errands are done. I’m definitely not looking forward to the week long temps of 100++ degrees. Hope we get some rain soon. I’m actually hoping we have some hurricanes this season so some of that crazy weather hits us. Terrible I know…

Other than the recent backache, things have been going swimmingly. I’m looking forward to next weeks appt when we find out the baby’s gender.

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Blogging from iPhone…Belly Shots

I didn’t take many belly photos since I’ve worked so hard in trying to lose it. Once I get a solid pregnant belly going I’ll take weekly pictures. In the meantime here is a picture from 10 weeks (nothing there but bloat) and beginning of 18 weeks.



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Week 17

This is the start of week 17. I’m finally starting to really feel the pregnancy. After laying on my back for too long I can really feel the weight hitting my lower back and I have to slowly turn over to the side. My growing belly finally feels like a pregnant belly instead of bloat and fat. Other than that, nothing has really change. I really need to get over my sleeping habits. It’s without fail that I’m awake between 3-5 every morning. It really puts a damper on wanting to work out in the mornings because the last few hours is when I try to sleep in. Maybe I should try working out at night to see if that would help with my sleeping habit.

I’ve been trying to determine if any of the movements in my gut is really a baby, but I think most of it may be gas. I’m guessing it should be any day now before I start to feel the fluttering that people describe. How exciting.

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Update on Week 16 appt

Everything is good so far. Baby’s heartbeat is 150. No protein or glucose directed in the urine. Only gained 5 lbs so far. Recap of the last screening showed we had the lowest chance of having birth defects. Got more blood drawn today for 2nd trimester screening.

Sonogram scheduled for August 3rd and we’ll find out sex of baby. How exciting!

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Ending of Week 16

So, I put on pants that I was able to wear comfortably 2-3 weeks ago, and now I can no longer button it up. So I’m sporting my maternity jeans and a tshirt. People can already notice my baby bump. My next doctor’s appointment is today. Doesn’t sound like anything exciting other than the usual screening. I’ll be alone this time since B has an all day conference.

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