2010 Checklist

Ok, I know at this point people start making resolutions. I’m going to call mine a checklist. Here’s what I want to accomplish in the year 2010:

  • Top on my list…be consistent with working out.
  • Work on the house. This includes…
  • Change out sink
  • Replace carpet downstairs with wood floor
  • Repaint the living room
  • Get living room furniture
  • Organize master bedroom closet
  • Move money from savings into retirement fund, open an IRA

I think that’s it. These are pretty big goals, so hopefully we can accomplish them all.

We do plan on taking a couple small vacations this year. We want to go back to Mexico sometime in the spring or fall, and another smaller vacation.

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It’s Snowing!!!

Yay I get to see snow!

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Reesey and Leah

Somehow Leah has to be the center of attention.

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Snow from the other day

It snowed pretty heavily and briefly on Wed. Too bad it melted before lunchtime.

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