My Yearbook Photos over the years

I particularly love 1964 and 1978. Go to to create your own. It’s heelarious.

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Am I married to a man?

I’ve been hounding Brian all week to fix the garbage disposal. I kept threatening to call the plumber. So finally I went down stairs to google “how to fix a garbage disposal” and found some simple instructions. I spent about 2 minutes and low and behold it’s fixed. No thanks to Brian.

The other weekend, I put 3 shelves together, no thanks to Brian.

Last week he tried to fix the guest toilet but failed miserably. I wonder, if I try fixing it myself maybe I’ll actually get it done right….


Leah and Reesey of Course

Since I haven’t featured any pictures of Leah since we brought her home, here’s some to enjoy.

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Nothing much going on

I’m hiding in the office so Brian can watch his Texas game. I spent most of the day doing nothing in particular. Got a hair cut this morning, but a watch – more casual one, napped, clean the house a bit, did laundry.

I should probably go read but it’s hard to concentrate with the game blaring on tv. I’m currently reading two books. The Host by Stephenie Meyer and The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. They’re both good books, but I’m struggling with The Host only because it’s a bit slow in the beginning. Other than that, nothing much going on this weekend.

Anyway, the reason for this post is pictures. I haven’t featured much pictures since I’m too lazy to sort through. There’s always the link to flickr on the right side of the screen.

Here’s some from last weekend, at Linda’s wedding.

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Why are we getting the Dallas Briefing?

The Dallas Briefing sucks. It’s from the Dallas Morning News and it is littering our neighborhood. It’s a free “paper” that now arrives every day with three pages of news and 10 of advertisements and I can’t imagine it serves any purpose to anyone. Some of our more useless neighbors don’t even bother to pick it up so there’s a pile of four or five of them in their front yard. Awesome.

Even worse, according to people at work, calling and canceling the Dallas Briefing accomplishes nothing. It just keeps being delivered. Even after three phone calls it keeps showing up everyday.

Why would anyone want this garbage? It’s called the Internet people, look you’ve even got your own site there. Let the print newspaper die already. DIE!


Labor Day and Anniversary

This day just flew by. Maybe it’s because I spent the day napping. Or maybe it was because I spent the day thinking about doing work but then deciding that I should just wait until tomorrow because it’s not that big of a deal.

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary! I’m not sure what we’ll do to celebrate, but probably something low key like going to PF Changs. I hate having some big hoopla during the weekday. Now that I’m writing this, have we completely lost the romanticism in our relationship that we have to plan dates for the weekends? I think Brian and I need to live life more spontaneously. It’s more fun that way. Unfortunately though, I feel like I’ve lost much interest in a lot of things that I enjoyed doing while we were dating. Everything was so new then. I mean don’t get me wrong, we spend time with friends and go out for dinner and shop together, but there’s so much else out there that we can be doing together. So going forward, I will do much of the planning. More plays, musicals, concerts, interesting dinners, trips, and road trips. I’m hoping our 3rd year will be filled with many adventures to talk about.

Anyway, regardless of what we do together, I am happy that we have a full life ahead of us, and I absolutely appreciate everything that we have, and truly love my husband and all that he does for me. I really really do feel very lucky.

So what have I been doing lately since my birthday? First off, I never got to blog about it. All I have to say is that I am now 27, and it kinda stinks. I just feel like life is passing by way to quickly. I don’t want to grow old. *pout*

twilightI spent the last 2 weeks reading the Twilight books. It’s the series written by Stephanie Meyer. There are 4 books in the series. I feel like a little girl since the book is aimed at teenage girls. BUT, who doesn’t like a vampire, werewolf story with romance mixed in. It’s not the best written book, but it’s still very entertaining. It’s good enough for me to read through the 4 600+ page books in two weeks. I can’t wait until the movie comes out :-D It makes me giddy!

Anyway, I need to post pictures of Leah.

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