Still adjusting to the time zone

I woke up at 5:00am and couldn’t get myself back to sleep. Now I am contemplating getting on a conference call at work in an hour even though it’s my vacation. Urgh. I am sure brian will not appreciate it.

Yesterday Brian and I toured the USS Midway. It’s interesting seeing an actual navy ship. I think it’s the navy that’s on sea… We spent half the day doing that. Then after lunch went back to the room before heading back out again to La Jolla. Unfortunately the clouds were out do we didn’t get to enjoy the sunset. But we did lay around a park at La Jolla Cove and people watch/read our books. It then got too cold to sit there, so we gathered our stuff and headed out. We couldn’t find a place to eat in La Jolla so we decided to go out for burgers at In-N-Out burgers instead. Excellent choice.

Today plan is getting a massage, followed by a walk around gaslamp and exploring the rest of downtown. Then we’ll be going to a ballgame at Petco Park.

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On vacation

It’s so nice to not have to worry about work. We are finally on vacation. I guess my body isn’t used to the two hour time change yet because it’s six am here. I have been awake for an hour. Anyway, we landed at San Diego yesterday afternoon. Our flight was delayed for about forty minutes because one if the flight attendants was missing. We checked into our hotel- Sofia Hotel. The rooms here are itty bitty, but it is super cute and modern. Parking though kinds sucks. The daily rate is 28/day. I think we are going to try to find street parking. We will see. So yesterday we walked around the gaslamp district. Most of what we saw were restaurants. Too bad Dallas doesn’t have sonething like that. Anyhow. We had dinner at Los Puertos. The food was similar to a taco diner. It was good but not amazing. Today I think we are either going to the zoo or the beach. Yesterday I had this really awful back/stomach cramp. It hurt so bad to just walk. I am not sure where it came from but it just happened suddenly when I woke up yesterday morning. Ugh. I hope I dont feel that way all week.


Living Life on the weekends

It seems I only make updates on the weekends. I can’t believe Sunday is half over. Yuck. Yesterday Brian and I went to go see The Dark Knight. It was a very good movie, very dark, but not too violent. I guess it’s because it’s PG13. I think if it was rated R it may have been a better movie. I’m not sure I like Maggie Gyllenhal’s as Rachel, but everyone else did a fantastic movie. Unfortunately it seemed the movie was more about Harvey Dent than it was about Batman himself.

Anyway, other than the movie, we spent the majority of the weekend chilling. I baked Brian his birthday cake today, and tonight we’ll probably grill or something for his early birthday dinner. I need to pack up for my trip to Richmond tomorrow. I feel completely unprepared, although I’m not sure what else I can do. Most of it is going to be talking anyway.

Since Matt and Josie are coming into town next weekend, I’ve been getting the laundry done and washing all the sheets in the guest room. I hate laundry. It’s NEVER ending. Anyway, there’s more tidying up to do, but I guess I can work on it when I get back.

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Lele gained .2 lbs

She’s slowly growing. Maybe by the time we pick her up in 3 weeks she’ll be 2 lbs or more. Anyway, we received some updated photos of Lele. Can’t wait to see more!

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We’re having a baby…


This morning, Brian and I went to visit our new puppy Leah, or Lele. We walked in and saw 7 precious puppies all running around in their little pen. Baby Lele was one of the smallest and pretty shy out of the bunch. But we think she’ll be the perfect match for Miss Reesey.

While we were playing with the pups, I was a bit undecided between her and the other doggy. But the other pup was like a pistol and too rambunctious. Besides, our intention was to go see Lele. Anyway, we’ve fallen in love and can’t wait to bring her home in a month. I just hope Reesey treats her well.


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