Another Rant about the market

For those people that are actually trying to save money like Brian and I, we’re noticing that the interest rates on our ING account has dropped from 5.5% to 3.590%. How lame is that. It’s like we have to pay because the market is going in the dumps. I should be like my mom and invest in gold. She bought hers at around 500 bucks about 10 years ago, and the value today is over 900 bucks per whatever weight it is. That’s a sweet increase.

Anyway, we started on our taxes this past weekend. After owning a house and whatnot we still owe the dang government. What’s up with that?


Football Berries

Now what guy would be eating chocolate covered strawberries while watching the Super Bowl? Sometimes places like Shari’s Berries should really reconsider making stuff just for the sake of the event.

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First Post

This is my first post on the food blog. Since I like to experiment with cooking, there may be some recipes that I would want to share to world, and I wouldn’t really want to post on my main blog. Expect to find many recipes and pictures. But as you saw, I did export some of the food blogs from my other blog. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Read the full post at Delicious Accidents

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Partying it up

What a weekend. I think we met our quota for going out this month. Although we are nearing the end of the month. (Note: there really isn’t a quota)

Anyway, on Friday night, we went on a “double-date” with Linda and Jason. We didn’t have a plan on what to do until the last minute. Originally Linda mentioned Trader Vic’s, but after looking at the menu online, we all agreed it was a no-go. The menu started at around 30 bucks a person. No thanks.

So I sat around looking at the Guidelive website and saw that Coal Vines served up good pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza right. Well, first thing was we didn’t see how far it was from where we lived. Not that it mattered, but considering it was already 8pm, it was getting late. We headed out there anyway, and OMG…I would never go back there again. Way too overrated in my opinion. Picture this, tiny restaurant with a bar, swarms of people just hanging out at the bar. No hostess to be found to put our name on the list. We literally had to push our way to the back in hopes of finding the host, but of course after about 10 minutes of squeezing our way through, the little old man was no where to be found. I guess it was more of a bar hangout, although it was even too crowded for that. People were literally hovering over the tables where others were eating. So somehow, we ended up ordering the pizza to go and getting a bottle of wine. Now where do we eat this?? They said we could take it upstairs. Upstairs?? Where?? Apparently there’s a club/lounge next door. We got our pizzas, and our wine in our styrofoam to go cups and headed up the stairs. BUT the bouncer turned us away. He told us no food or drinks allowed. So we went around the front door and the guy there said it was a not a problem, we just couldn’t bring the cups with us. So we stood around trying to finish the cup of wine as quickly as possible. Not a good way to enjoy wine.

We finally made our way up there with our box of pizza. The music was loud, people were on the dance floor, some folks walked by gawking at us an our pizza. We ordered some drinks. After 2 cocktails I was done. But apparently the girl didn’t understand because she kept coming back with me. So instead I ended up consuming 4 apple martinis. Brian on the other hand had some pretty strong Jack and Coke. Let’s just say he woke up with a pretty bad hangover the next morning.

Speaking of the next day, it was actually the day of our end of year party at work. So more booze and fun. But after the night before, we decided to go light. It’s interesting to see folks outside the work environment along with their spouses/partners/dates. The theme of the party was diamonds and denims, so some people showed up all decked out and some came in jeans. I had on a sweater dress and Brian was in jeans and a sweater. we played it safe.

Anyway, we didn’t bring cameras either nights so no pictures to share. I’m hoping the photographers will post theirs up soon so I can borrow some.


Stupid PMI

So 2 seconds after paying for my exam, I see that I can’t schedule it for another 72 hours. WTF. Then 2 seconds after that it states that my application is being audited. WTF again. ARGGG. Such a tedious process and so lame. So now I have to track down old colleagues or bosses and get them to verify my work experience, send in my transcript, blah blah. Who knew I would be randomly selected. This blows. I guess I should still study regardless of being delayed another 2 weeks.

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Heath Ledger is gone

How incredibly sad. He was actually a good actor too. It’s a shame to see someone die so young. I hope it was all an accident.

I could totally watch 10 Things I Hate About You over and over.

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I have to say that I am quite sadden by the badly the market is doing. I’m certainly not informed enough to really talk about it or gripe about it. Although I am sure the general public has the same sentiment. With the failure of subprime home loans, the increasing gas costs and of course the war, I’ve at least accepted that as part of the norm. I try not to gripe about gas costs because I have to put gas in my car and at this point there’s no other way around that. The subprime stuff doesn’t have an affect on me because Brian and I are smart enough to make good decisions. And there’s the war. I’m still not informed enough to make a comment on that, I guess I just don’t care.

The fact of the matter is, as I am beginning to closer attention to our household budget and money flow, I begin to see the affects the market does have on my daily life. Now I’m not saying I’ve never paid attentioned before, but I suppose it hits harder when you actually do look at the numbers.

Why am I rambling about this? I was looking at my 401K stuff, and noticed that the balance was a lot lower than what it started out to be when I first did my rollover. Apparently it went down 8.5% since the first of the year. How sucky is that.

Stupid market.

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Jury Duty

I had my first jury duty yesterday. I was part of the randomly selected group that was to be interviewed for the actual jury duty selection. It was a DWI case, how boring. Should I be offended that they didn’t pick me? I was first in line and I always had to respond first.

  • Does the state need to have proof of how much alcohol is consumed in order for you to convict this person? Yes.
  • Do you think that if the state can prove that the person was mentally or physically impaired that this will help you convict this person? Yes.
  • But you just said you had to have absolute proof of how much alcohol this person consumed. Oh… uhhhhh. Well I change my mind.

Haha, I wonder why they didn’t pick me. It was an interesting experience nonetheless. I’ve never actually been in a real court before or see the lawyer’s interactions.

So I got to come home after lunch and work at home. Reesey was so good, she basically snuggled up next to me while I was working on my laptop. I have to say that working from home definitely has its perks. I had time to make a proper/healthy dinner (mmm, chicken tortilla soup). Ok, that’s all I did.

Anyway, on a different note, we have so many party games at home. The Wii, Rockband, XBox Scene It?. I think we need to have a game night.


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