51 weeks and still going

Well we’re almost at our 1 year mark. We’re going to be driving to Hot Springs to celebrate our first year anniversary. I’m excited about just having a few days off. I don’t have an itinerary, since there wasn’t much I could find that we can do there. Maybe we’ll just wing it.

In other news, my dreaded trip to St. Louis this past week went really successfully, which is a great thing especially with all the senior level people with me. Now they at least know that my clients love me. However, I do have alot work ahead of me. Yuck. This means I have no urge to go to work tomorrow. I’m sitting here putting off work as we speak. I’m also making pizza dough in my bread machine for dinner tonight. But I have get my butt to the store since we don’t have anything to make pizza with, arg.

Anyway…changing topics, I have some decisions I have to make that is rather life changing. Well, it’s not that drastic, but it is important.

Another different topic, I’m watching Top Chef, and there’s this commercial on TV, it’s basically an ad for some group formed for a book written by L. Ron Hubbard. Didn’t he write War of the Worlds?? Oh wait, duh. He’s the creepy scientology guy. No wonder this commercial was weird. Check out the website the ad was listing – http://www.thewaytohappiness.org

Alright, happy Sunday.

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Both our 1st year anniversary and my birthday is coming up. I’m not really excited about getting older. I want to stay in my 20s forever, but I guess 26 is ok.

Speaking of anniversary, I don’t even know where to begin with the gifts. I’m so bad at this and Brian is so difficult to buy for. Arg! I guess I have about 3 weeks to think about it. We’re going to be spending that weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas. No fancy trip for us this year I guess. Hopefully it’s as nice as it is seems. Anyway, I guess we need to book some boarding time for Reesey…

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PMP Certification Class

I just registered for this class at UTD. It’s more of an exam prep class, but hopefully it’ll prepare me for the PMP exam. If I pass, I get to put PMP next to my name, tehe!

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