Dreaded task over and done with

We spent 5 hours last night cleaning the apartment. I think we did a pretty good job, so no maid required. I’m glad we got it done and over with, it was such a dreadful task. My fingers were all wrinkly and knuckles started bleeding from being wet, and I was wearing gloves. Oh well. Now my back hurts.

Tonight some friends from work and I are going to the gym. We started last week where we’ll try all the classes. The last three classes I went to were all lifting, so today it’s going to be different since it’s a step class.

I also need to stop by the grocery store. I’m thinking of making fish tacos with corn salsa. Hope Brian likes it.

Anyhow, now that we’ve bought all the small stuff we can think of for the house, the next thing we have to do is fill it furniture. I want to get a nice big couch or maybe sectional for the game room. I guess we’ll start shopping this weekend.

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We’ve moved!

After a long and stressful waiting period (took forever for loan to fund) we finally got our keys and moved in yesterday morning. Thank goodness for movers, otherwise it would’ve taken us several days.

Reesey seems to be intrigued by the new house. I’m thinking she likes all the space, although this whole process has left her scared since she probably thought we were leaving her. Poor doggy.

Anyway, will post more and pictures later.

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