I’m awake

It’s 4:30 am early Sunday morning, and I’ve been awake since three, tossing and turning since 1am. My body isn’t going to like this later today. My throat has been sore all morning and I have a feeling I’m going to start coughing all week. It’s going to suck. It’s been quite the uneventful weekend so far. I spent time with my parents yesterday, drove my dad this time to go see the house. I was surprised to see the for sale sign still up, shouldn’t there be a sold sign up there?

Anyway, speaking of houses, our table was delivered on Friday at Pier 1. We need to go pick it up. I stopped by Friday to check more of their sales, and they just so happen to have these dining chairs on sale for 29.95 each. OMG, I nearly fell over they were so cheap. Unfortunately they only had 3! Since it was discontinued, the likeliness of finding another one was slim. I called all over the metroplex, and NO ONE had them. So…we didn’t get them. We could’ve had the whole kitchen set for less than $350. Oh well, better luck time. So anyway, that was my excitement for the weekend.

Last night we were supposed to go see a movie, but after dinner we were so tired we came straight home. I think I fell asleep after about half an hour at 9:30. I guess that’s why I’m up so early this morning.

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Thinking about grad school

I think starting this summer, I’m going to start studying for the GMAT. My goal is to take it this fall and apply for grad school next fall, hopefully by then work will pay for it. In the meantime, I have to decide whether now is the right time to do it. 2 years may not be a long time, but it’s now or never it seems. I’d like to stick with SMU, but it’s so dang expensive, but the program is better than the one at UTD. Would it matter, technically no, but yes if I want to do something bigger and better.

For now though, we’re in the process of buying a house, so we’ll see where we are financially in a year before I make any real commitment.

In other news, we bought the table from Pier 1. It was on sale, 229.00 out of 299.00. We now need to find some chairs to go with it. Pier 1 is having a big sale on some of their furniture! Up to 75% off. Unfortunately there’s not much left.

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Furniture and stuff

I’m super excited about the house. The last few weeks we’ve been looking at furniture. We don’t plan on buying anything until we close, and even then it’ll just be the necessities. A Kitchen table, a couch set for the upstairs gameroom, a king size mattress set. That’s only half of what we need to buy. Someday we’ll need a desk set for the office and the formal living room stuff. We’ll leave the other two bedrooms empty until we have kids.

Our current bed and mattress set is going into the guest room. But we’ll be keeping the dress and chest.

The pictures here is the kitchen table and bed we’re getting for the master bedroom. I love love love the kitchen table. Saw it in person at Pier 1 and almost bought it. BUT, I knew better. The price is great too, if only I can find a coupon code out there to get a bigger discount. Hopefully it goes on sale. I think the bed set will also go nicely with our current bedroom set. I found this one at Roomstogo. It’s tough knowing what kind of style you want, but not being able to find it, or at least find it locally.

As far as decorating the house, I’m not sure if we plan on painting any walls. It’s already nicely painted, but a little boring.

Anyway, the major thing left in this buying process is the appraisal. I need to email our agent to see when that’s gonna be done.

We’re also giving notice to our apt today. Brian and I both need to shop for home owners insurance. I got a quote from Travellers, but we also need to look into our current provider, State Farm.


Not much to say

There’s not much going on, well other than the fact that we’re buying a house. I guess I’m in a bit of a rut. Things have been pretty much the same all around, it’s April and it’s freezing out. I know I like the cold, but right now I’d like some warmth, all I wanna do is stay in bed because it’s cold. Anyway, I’ve got quite a bit of work to do today. Gotta finish a massive PowerPoint deck before tomorrow. Eck.

On Friday, we had an account director come in from our Austin office and after talking to her I found she went to Berkner. Well she was there 5 years before I was, but I thought it was cool. I’ll be working with her on a new account I just got assigned. I’m really excited about taking this one on because strategically we can do some interesting stuff. Anyway, I realized that the only way to get to the AD level at that age is to go to grad school like she did. Not that it’s required, but I’m sure it’ll help. Marketing is a completely different world and a bit scary in some ways. Scary as in unfamiliar.

Yesterday, Brian and I went out looking at some home stuff. We stopped by the Great Indoors and some other furniture stores, not wanting to buy stuff, but just to get ideas. I’m glad this home is move in ready. There are some stuff we’ll need to eventually upgrade, but not anytime soon. Our inspection is scheduled for Tuesday. I don’t anticipate them finding anything earth shattering, but we are quite anxious. I hope it turns out well.

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We made an offer

Well we made an offer Sunday night. On Monday we got a call from our agent saying that they had countered, so we countered back, and they countered again and we accepted!! I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t just agree after our first counter, but I guess it’s not too far off. Anyway, we really love the house, so it’s not something that was going to break the deal. Now we just need to start the process. Eek. I can’t believe it’s finally happening.

I will post pictures tomorrow!

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