Work Update

I got a new client assigned to me this morning. I’ll be working on a series of campaigns surrounding Bridal Registries for them. How fun would that be.

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Orange and Fuschia Theme

If I had unlimited budget, I would do exactly how I envisioned it. The country club would be decked out in orange and fuschia, it would be soooo pretty! I’ve seen all these profiles with similar themes, and I can just imagine how our wedding would compare. I am a complete control freak when it comes to how I want things output. It’s driving me crazy knowing that I can’t spend all day decorating the room.

I guess in the end though, as long as everyone is having fun that’s all that matters. So neither one of my bridesmaids are able to help me on the day of my bridals. I’m sorta freaking out. I can always drag my mom along, but I know how she’s going to act. She’ll want to go home early and would complain about how much I’m spending the entire time!

So I’ve got to find someone else to help me. I asked a couple other friends, we’ll see.

Also, I got 50 dollars from expedia for screwing up our hotel reservations from this past weekend, so I’ll using that to book our hotel room the night before the wedding. I’ll be expecting a good ole time that night with some girlfriends. ;-)

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Wedding Programs

Wedding programsSeriously, why do I even bother? I found this website . These three colors work PERFECTLY with my color scheme. But of course it’s an even bigger investment than my invitations. I should just go home and recut those leftover tissue paper and turn those into scrolls. But I did find these that may be easy to replicate (pictured). I just need to find some rafia strings.

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It’s been a good Monday

We got our RINGS! I love my wedding band, it’s just the right amount of bling, because you know how we Asians like our bling. Hehe. I’ll post picture later.

We also got some RSVP’s back. Out of the 7 responses, 4 declined and 3 accepted. Now I just need to give my mom her set of invitations. EEK, I hope it’s not too late.

We also got some more checks in the mail. Wedding planning has gotten more fun :-D

Edit: Click here for a picture of the rings



I wish our reception place was near the dart rail, bc I love this picture:
Random knottie in Houston

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More hair updos

As my bridals are getting closer, I need to think about how I want my hair. Now I know I shouldn’t be fixated on it, etc, but when else would I get my hair all done up?? It’s the only event (maybe) that I get to be all glammed out.

So I know I’ve already posted some pictures on updos, but there are soooo many styles out there, that the possibilities are endless.

Anyway, I just want to add on another rant. Where are our wedding bands?? I called Gordon’s Jewelers on Thursday and they still don’t have Brian’s ring. Whatever happened to it takes 2 weeks? Hrmph.

And for all you brides out there, check out Super cool wedding blog.

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Bridal Shower

Thanks to Brian’s aunt Valarie for throwing me a wondering bridal shower at her home in Elgin, and thanks to all that traveled all the way down there just to bring me gifts :-D

We had to leave some of them back with his parents since we can’t fit them all in our car, but I can’t wait to use all the wonderful gifts. I’m exhausted and slept the ENTIRE way back to Dallas.

I’m so disappointed I didn’t bring a camera with me, I’m going to have to steal pictures from Brian’s mom to post on here.

Anyway, I checked the mail today to see if we got any RSVP’s back. NONE. YOU FOLKS better mail them out. Deadline is August 15th!!! If not, we’re going to have to enforce a cover charge (just kidding).

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scrapbook Guestbook Guestbookint

Even though Tony will be giving us a signing mat for our engagement picture, my sister also made me a guest book and scrapbook. How awesome is that. Now I wonder when work is going to send me up to MN so I can pick these up from her. I don’t think I want to fly anywhere before my wedding, it just makes me nervous, plus I’m sure I have plenty to do at home. We’ll see though. I just want our day to be here.

So some people in Dallas received the invitations yesterday. That was fast, one day! I’m guessing the out of town folks are getting theirs today. We did get one returned back to us yesterday. The whole thing was literally shredded, including the response card so we couldn’t even reuse that! I hope it doesn’t happen again.

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