I got a new job!! I’ll be working as an account manager for an html based email marketing firm. It’s going to be very exciting yet very nerve racking at the same time. *Sigh* New beginnings! I’ll have to learn new stuff, learn to work with new people, new processes, eeek. BUT this will be great for me and is definitely a step above, at least it seems. I’ll start working in 2 weeks. Please pray for my success. In other news, Brian will have to get an invasive procedure in a week. He’s very nervous and so am I. I hope they find nothing and what he had a couple weeks ago was only a bacteria infection of some sort. I want him/us to be healthy for as long as we shall live. It’s also a pricey procedure so BOOO on that. Whatever happen to good insurance?? Speaking of which, once I leave this job, I won’t have insurance for 90 days which worries me. We’ll be on our honeymoon during that time and I won’t be insured till we get back. What if I get sick?? Let’s hope not. There’s always COBRA. But that’s way to expensive I’m sure. Oh and 99 days to go. We’re already into the double digits!

Edit: Edited by Brian in an attempt for some modesty. Thanks baby for telling everyone my business!

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We’re getting close to the double digits

101 more days to go! I am extra excited. I really need to work on the invitations. My sister is supposedly working on a scrapbook with our engagement pictures. Speaking of which, I will be using a scrapbook in lieu of a guestbook. It will have pictures of us and people can sign around those pictures and add notes versus just signing their names on a line on a guestbook.

My alterations are scheduled for June 10th, and I guess it’ll take about a month to complete.

I’m trying to figure out where to do my bridals. Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens, Dallas Arboretum, Dallas Galleria, Northpark Mall, Teddy Bear park in Highland Park, Downtown Dallas…so many choices…sorta…

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Yi’s Wedding

So Yi’s wedding was this Saturday, and I had a ton of fun being her bridesmaid.  She looked awesome in her dress.  Anyway, here are some other pictures that Julie took.  She’s awesome with the camera.

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I had the most vivid dream last night.  I was working on my invitations and was almost done with them.  If only that were true.  I definitely need to get started on those so I can worry about other stuff.

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Engagement Pictures

me me

Brian and I finally had our engagement pictures done, finally after a whole year of being engaged. It was so much fun. We even saw Terri there, I haven’t seen her since HS. Anyway, he made us do all these poses which were a bit embarrassing at first, but I think we lighten up by the end and we able to get some good shots and poses, traditional and “romantic” ones. I got up at 6:30 this morning to go work out before I got my makeup done with Kelly Espinoza – at 9am – who is another assistant of Stephanies. She did a great job on the makeup. It lasted the whole day without having to touch up.

Now I’m tired. Those pictures better be good!

For more of the photoset click here.


Everything is on track

Well, I’ve selected my florist, minister, violinist, location, times, cakes, photographer, DJ, makeup artist, hotels blocked, and honeymoon booked.  I’ve gotten everything except the tuxes picked out and the wedding night hotel.  I also need to get started on the invitations.  Someone had theirs printed at Staples (250 invitations for 18 bucks).  So I’m definitely taking it there.  Why waste ink at home??

We’re taking our engagement pictures tomorrow with Tony at the Canals.  The weather is cloudy but cool, great by my standards!  Brian’s been sick with the stomach flu for the last week almost.  He even had to go to the ER Thursday night/Friday morning.  I hope he feels better by tomorrow.  He and I are going shopping today to get a matching shirt and shoes. I plan on wearing a black shirt and jeans, I’m also getting my hair and makeup done tomorrow morning just for the pictures.  Just remind me – I want the natural look!  I wonder if I should cut my hair??

Yi’s wedding is next Saturday, I’ve got my bridesmaid’s dress and shoes.  I need to find her a gift this week as well.

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Hotel Blocks

For out of town guests needing accomodations please contact the following hotels which have rooms blocked for the Men/Behrend wedding. Addison hotels are a great place to stay when visiting Addison or as an alternative to Dallas hotels and is only 5-10 minutes from Brookhaven Country Club. Just 15 miles north of downtown Dallas, Addison is only minutes from everything there is to see and do in the Dallas area and just on Beltline Rd alone you can find many many restaurants. For more things to do in that area or other hotels not listed below go to: Addison

You will need to call any of the following hotels directly and mention Men/Behrend to get the group rate.

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So on Sunday we met with a Violinist. He was great. Rates are good. We’re going with him.


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