First Dance Song Disagreements

First dance songs. Brian and I have been having a bit of a disagreement over this subject. This is the one thing that will reflect both of our taste and personality I think. He doesn’t want the typical pop song or top 10 first dance songs. He suggested You and Me by Lifehouse, and I love that song, but currently it’s overplayed on the radio.

I suggested In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel, but it’s not very danceable.

There’s nothing else that is special except Crazy – Pat Green, but even that isn’t danceable or overly sweet.

This will be a tough one.


Bridesmaid’s in Dresses

david's bridal

Here are my lovely bridesmaids in the both the orange and jade dress. We decided to go with the jade since it looks more like a wearable color. I like them both. The orange was burnt orange and I though that was kinda hokey since Brian went to UT and all. These girls are tall and skinny. I’m gonna look like a frump next to them, what was I thinking?? Anyway, Julie (right) and I have known each other since the 8th grade. She was one of the original friends I made since transferring to Liberty Jr. High. Yi (left) and I have known each other since freshman year in college and she the first good friend I made in college, in fact she knows most of my secrets and stories about Brian. Both are extremely intelligent and interesting and I’m glad we’ve kept in touch and have remained friends throughout the years.


Color Choices

Everyone tells me they like the orange and jade the best. So I’m going to stick with that.

Now what to do about the final stuff:

  • Veil – ebay for 20 bucks or Luong Bridal for 45 bucks
  • Church – contact Holy Cross Lutheran (the most we’ll spend is 1400 for the ceremony, we have the option of doing it at the country club for 500 bucks)
  • Flowers – contact florists for prices on 3 bouquets and boutinierres and corsages. (limit 400 dollars)
  • Centerpieces – use half standard centerpieces offered by Brookhaven, the other half will use vases I bought with at least 4 stems per vase. Buy colored rocks to fill the vases at Gardenridge. Check out Sam’s or Costco for bulk flowers. (limit 100 dollars for bulk flowers and 20 more for colored rocks total cost to fill 15 vases – $10.50 each)
  • Invitations – buy handmade paper and ribbon to complete the look ($1.30 each including stamps)
  • Cake Table – order I Do letters (I priced it at 20 dollars)
  • Candy Buffet:
    • Candy Jars (8) – Prices vary by size – saw some apothecary jars at Walmart for 6.99 to 12.99 for the massive ones. (Limit $40 for jars)
    • Scoops - (The Container Store, you can get 10 clear scoops for 11 bucks)
    • Candy – Bulk Candy website or Sam’s (limit ($50 dollars).
    • Bags ($24 dollars for 150 bags at Oriental Trading Co) Total cost = $125 bucks
  • Dress – Alterations needs to be booked by July for bridals taken in August (I hope it doesn’t get too hot)
  • Engagement photos - Book for end of April (on our 1 year engagement anniversary :-))
  • Get Mother of Bride Dress with mom
  • Book honeymoon through Expedia

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Color Combo

color combo 1 Ok, I was playing with photoshop and decided to come up with some color combos. Which ones look better? From this first combo, I think the orange needs to be a little darker. We also might need to get rid of the fushia color. Gerber daisies are cute. Speaking of flowers I might combine gerber daisies with roses, peonies, lilies and of course orchids.

color combo 2 I like this combo. The orange really pops. I really don’t want to get away from the orange. I think I may end up with this, since both Brian and I were set on this color combo. We both agree not to combine several different colors, so we might just do two colors.

color combo 3 I think this works really well together. What do you think? I like the idea of the rich jade color with a rich purplish color. If we were to add a third color I might add purple instead. I don’t know, I’m so color blind and have no idea. I like colors of all kinds :-)

color combo 4 Eh. I don’t know. The purple by itself with the jade doesn’t go well together. I think I might stick with dark orange and add more white instead of fushia. I got tired of looking for pictures….Maybe a florist would know.

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Bridesmaid dresses

david\'s bridalWell, we got the bridesmaid’s dresses. Guess what? It’s not orange or fushia. But I do love this color and always have. It’s very rich and can coordinate with the tropical colors I’m going for. They did have an orange one, but I just didn’t like it. The orange dresses out there are just too bright or just not quite right. A fushia dress would’ve been too tacky….So I’ve been worried about finding the right color combo. We did see the Raylia dress at Whatchamacallit, and almost settled for it, but decided to go elsewhere. Anyway I need to make sure orange and fushia goes well with this jade colored dress.

Edit: I registered at David’s Bridal one day because I wanted to try on dresses back when I was looking for one. Anyway, when ordering the bridesmaid’s dresses, we got 20 dollars off each bc she thought I bought my dress from there. Tehe! Whooopeee.


Not much going on

So I’ve been weary lately of planning anything. There’s not much to do. We’re going shopping tomorrow for bridesmaids dresses so that should be at least fun.

As far as the church situation goes, I contacted one, and they have one time slot available on Sept 2nd, but since we’re not members we have to wait until May to try to book it. Of course members get first choice and can book at any time. The chapel is perfect in size too and very pretty. I guess I should also contact the other church we visited. It’s not as pretty but I don’t really care about that, it’s really close to Brookhaven (5 minutes), and it’s Lutheran!

As for flowers, I haven’t really thought about that.

I did go to Target today to buy invitation sets for 17.99 a box of 50. It includes response cards and envelopes. I bought 3 boxes. I’m looking for handmade orange paper so I can copy these particular invitation kits here. I love it. It’s so pretty. I found some handmade paper sold in bulk online for 2.10 per sheet. One sheet can be cut to fit 3 or 4 invitations (my math skills are being funky today). I also need blank vellum paper to print the directions on. I might just get that done at Kinkos (if it’s cheap). So after all that it’s probably about 1.50 – 1.63 per invitation including stamps. Oh yeah add 10 cents to that if I want double envelopes. I think the kit from Target only comes with one outer envelope. I don’t know about that, it’s such a pain.

So that’s that.

To please my parents, I will be incorporating a Cambodian wedding tradition before the ceremony. First off, I’m going to need my parents help in getting the traditional attire made for myself, Brian can just stick to the tux.

Anyway, the traditional ceremony (toned down by me) goes as follows (click on the links to view pictures):
Presentation of Dowry

Cambodian weddings begin with the groom and his family traveling to the bride’s home (instead of home, we’ll be at the church) bearing gifts to the bride’s family as dowry. Family members and friends are introduced, and wedding rings exchanged (we’ll keep this part of the other ceremony and instead exchange wedding gifts).
(Arrival of the Groom) · The groom and his family’s journeys to the bride’s house bearing meats, fruits, pastries, drinks and desserts of every variety to be presented on the wedding day.
(Presenting the Dowry) · A dialogue between the matchmakers, parents, relatives, and friends of the bride and groom in which the groom’s family and friends officially present the dowry gifts to the bride’s family.

Pairing Ceremony

In this final and most memorable stage of the wedding, family members and friends tie the bride and groom’s left and right wrists with blessing strings. The praises and well-wishes of happiness, good health, success, prosperity, and long-lasting love are acknowledged and witnessed by the loud sound of the gong and joyful cheer. The ceremony concludes with a shower of palm flowers thrown over the new couple. Four songs accompany this ceremony.

I dunno…it all seems like a lot of work. I might scrap the whole thing altogether.

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“Call in bride”

So this morning, in advanced of a conference call, I sent an email saying the call-in bride is 1-800….

I’m losing it.


Celebrity Merged Name

If we were celebrities and dating, our merged name like Brad and Angelina – Brangelina, or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – TomKat, would be Behrmen. HEHEHE. BARE MEN. Ok I’m ready to go home now.

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