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Riu Palace

I think I found the honeymoon resort. I’ve been researching Hawaii and Italy. But after everyone has advised us against going to Hawaii because of the price and the fact that it’s just as nice as any of the other resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico, I think we’ve decided on going to the Riu Palace in Cabo San Lucas. It’s an all-inclusive resort so food and booze is included. I know Brian will love the fruity drinks!

I have read some disconcerting reviews in TripAdvisor, but I did see more positive reviews than negative. The negative ones seems to be written by people who think they’re “worldly travellers” and they’re also very consistent. Hard beds, poor hotel management, sewage smell. Some people have negated those saying they didn’t notice any of that. It’s also a new resort – about 8 months old. The majority of the guests there loves it including the DFW Knot girls, so I think we’ll be ok. Isn’t it pretty?

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The hairstyle

hair This is it. This is the hairstyle. What do you think? I’m still debating the updo or half updo look. But if it’s an updo, this will be it. I like the cleanness and simplicity of the bun with the sideswept front. This will mean the veil will be at the top of the bun rather than the bottom of the head, which I’m starting to like anyway. I need a veil. Brian won’t let me Ebay it. Says it’s too early. Ugh.

Go to makuplogic.com if you want to know how to your hair like this.


Random Ideas

bridesmaids So I think I’ve established my color scheme for the wedding, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted sample pictures. Similar to the invitations I found, which I LOVE by the way and can’t get passed settling for any other invitations (they’re ONLY 3 dollars each – said with sarcasm)….anyway, where was I???

So yeah I found pictures that sorta convey what I want as the color scheme. The color will be much richer than this, very similar to the invitations. I guess that’s why I started rambling about invitations.

tablesetting I also like the tablesetting here. I just picked up 15 vases from some girl who just got married for 40 dollars total. I still don’t know what to do with them. I love orchids and their tropical colors, but they’re too expensive. I think they’re about 2.50 per stem even when buying in bulk. I will still want orchids, but maybe mix in some lillies and snap dragons, roses, and fillers. I will have to check out Tom Thumb since they have the freshest flowers I’ve seen, I don’t have a Sam’s card anymore, but it’s still an option. I really like the tall centerpieces like the one in the pictures.

Anyway my idea was to buy colored rocks or marbles (orange or fushia) from GardenRidge or something place like that and fill the bottom of each vase with the rocks. Then, fill the entire thing with water and rose petals. Then stick tall white decorative branches into the vase. Then hang votive candles from some of the branches. Maybe I’ll leave out the votive candles, it may be a bit much. I wish I can find a picture of something similar. But that is my idea. I was also thinking of alternating the petals with green peas for each of the vases. I’d probably have to play with it myself and take pictures to see what it really looks like since the idea came from a hodgepodge of different pictures I’ve seen.

I’m also going to make my own tablerunners. Without a sewing machine!!! Yay!! I found the idea from some Knot bio. Basically I will take 3 different ribbons of about 5 inches in width each. Two of them will be fushia and the middle one will be orange. I’ll lay them out next to each other and attach it by sewing a smaller ribbon ever foot or so. I’ll find the picture and update later. It’s actually really pretty. I think I’ll just do this for the head table, cake table, and candy buffet table….

ido As for the cake table, I’ve been looking for the I Do letters like these for awhile. Some people say you can find it at Target in their Seasonal Section. I’ve looked. Maybe it’s not wedding season yet?? I know I can find these letters at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but it’s probably wood, and I’ll probably have to paint it. I don’t want to paint. Who knows. But I definitely want to do something to the cake table. If I’m going to have a tablerunner, I might not cover it with that many rose petals, maybe just a sprinkle here and there. I can’t remember how big the table was either. If it’s too small, I won’t even bother.

dancefloor Also, depending on how much the country club would let me do, I want to hang paper lanterns from the ceiling. I found some good deals at Oriental Trading Company and Earthbound Trading Company. There’s also some on Ebay. The ones at Earthbound costs 5 dollars each. It’s even cheaper at Oriental Trading Co., but I don’t know how big it is compared to the former. They also come in other colors including fushia and orange. I’ll probably need about 6-8 of these. I don’t know, who’s gonna set all this up and take it the day of? We will see.


Invitations DIY

I’m going to make my own invitations. I’ve been going back and forth with whether I should just order them or make them. But yes they have to be specific, and no I don’t want to pay for the ones I like. Brian can attest as to how much I’ve been going back and forth with what I want. I think I annoy him. Anyway, they’re going to be a pocketfold style invitation with this color scheme (orange and fushia). I found some website that sells the supplies for a decent price. I don’t think I’ll be saving any money by making my own. But I want to give it my own personal touch, but dangit it seems like alot of work, especially if I have to make 100 of these. Oh I dunno! Decisions, decisions.


Hair and Makeup Trial Run

hair and makeup

I had my hair and makeup Trial run with Erin Blair. She was very pleasant to work with, and she has a nice loft with a cute doggy that wanted nothing but my attention while I was there. Silly dogs. Anyway, I didn’t bring pictures of how I wanted to look, so the results weren’t what I wanted, BUT she still did a wonderful job on both. I think if I had known and was able to describe what I wanted better, it would’ve been perfect. I proceeded to give her the deposit for the wedding day anyway. It was a great deal. She charges 60 dollars a person for both hair and makeup with 5 people minimum. But anyway, as promised here are the pictures from the trial run.

The hair was ok, it’s not what I was really looking for, even though that’s how I described it. I kinda wanted something like the second one from my last post. I’m still not quite sure how I want it, but this isn’t it. I’m thinking something ALOT more simpler than this, maybe just a simple bun or a half-up half-down style. I dunno!!! I’ll probably find more samples and by the time I do my bridals I’ll have to make up my mind about the hair. As far as the makeup, I told her I wanted brighter eyes, so she made them brighter. I think I’ll just stick with the more natural look. The makeup did make my skin look flawless and porcelain-like.

Anyway, we also met with a DJ last night. I’ll post later about him.

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We have an appointment with a DJ tomorrow at Brookhaven. That will also give us a chance to see the place set up, even though we’ve already seen it set up for a wedding….I’m excited. I’m just ready to book the DJ.

Edit: So I’ve heard from 2 people that they didnt like this DJ. So much for finding the cheapest one. I did get in touch with other DJs and was able to negotiate down the price. We’re going to meet with another one sometime probably next week.

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Hair and Makeup Trial Run

hairAfter researching different places that do bridal hair and makeup, I found that Just Faux Looks has the best prices in town. Unfortunately though Stephanie Dubose – the main person doing the hair and makeup is booked for our day. Her assistant though is available, so we’re having a trial run this Thursday at 6:30. This means, I’ve got to go get a veil if I want to see the complete look. Eek. Anyway, she charges 60 dollars for both hair and makeup, versus 80 dollars with Stephanie. Everyone else I’ve seen charges about 95 bucks on up.

This means I’ve got to research what kind of updo I want. Up or down? I can’t decide. Here are some samples, that I kinda like.




I think it was yesterday, maybe it was the day before, but anyway, I had purchased 13 vases from a bride. They’re about 12 inches tall, cylindrical. I guess this means I’ll be making my own centerpeices. I’m kinda of excited! I don’t like any of the arrangments I’ve seen elsewhere, and the kind I like would probably cost us thousands. I will however, order arrangements for the head tables etc.

Yesterday I was researching bulk flowers. It’s so hard when you don’t know if the site you’re looking at is legitimate or can even provide quality/fresh flowers. I do know I want to go tropical. You know, snap dragons, orchids, lilies. They’re so pretty. It’s also the inspiration for the wedding colors I’ve been wanting to go with. I found some website that sells orchids by the bulk for about 167 per box which includes about 120 stems. I need to check with the local florist and stores to see if I can get a wholesale price with them. Particularly with Central Market since they seem to keep stock of a ton of different exotic flowers. Orchids are expensive! I could also get floral arrangements from Sams.

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