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wedding shoes

I love shopping for shoes. I like drooling over the designer shoes that I know I will never ever buy. You know like the Manolos or Jimmy Choos. I saw some at Nordstroms a few weeks ago. If I was that vain, I’d buy em because I definitely saw some perfect wedding shoes.

I’ve been looking at some wedding shoe for inspiration. I’m very particular about what I put on my feet. I don’t want my toes falling off at the end of the night. But I want the shoes to be pretty of course. So I’m undecided between these four styles. Should I go with the sexy sandals, or the comfy bridal flats. Or maybe just go with the flip flops or a dressier flip flop. The thing is no one is going to see my shoes anyway, but I do like looking at the shoes and if I do find THE ONE, I’ll have to get it. My guess is I’ll stick with the flip flops.

I do know that I’m definitely NOT going to buy shoes online, I HAVE to try it on. When shopping down in San Marcos last week, I checked out every store that had shoes and found nothing close to bridal shoes. Too bad. I’ll have to run by DSW and see what they have in stock.

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noritake crestwood platinumOur china is on sale at Foleys for 299.99 for a 50 piece set which is exactly what I registered for, plus one or two things I believe. That’s a total of 8 place settings. That’s a huge savings if someone were to buy them separately….

Speaking of China and whatnot, I went to the outlet mall in San Marcos and found a cool pair of toasting flutes, and on a whim decided to buy it. I wasn’t even looking for them, nor do I even like Champagne. I guess I was frustrated because I drove all that way and wasn’t planning on leaving empty-handed. It was “on sale” for 38 bucks.

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Mmm Cake

We went cake tasting this morning at Romano’s Bakery. It was our breakfast, yum. I think we tasted like 12-15 flavors, I can’t remember. The 3 flavors we picked out for the bride’s cake was white – top layer, raspberry swirl – 2nd layer, and white chocolate – 3rd layer, 4th layer will be fake. The bride’s cake would server 150 people. For the grooms cake, we’ll be having a Longhorns theme, we wanted a square shape for the two layer cake. The top layer would be caramel chocolate, and 2nd layer would be German chocolate. It would serve 100 people. I think that’s a lot of cake, but leftovers is always good. It was good a moist so we’ll have to see.

The total price for both cakes is 883. Delivery is included in that price and is 55 bucks.

We have a consultation with TheCakeGuys tomorrow since they screwed up last week, but I think I’ll reschedule, I’m not in the mood to drive to Ft. Worth at 10am for cake tasting….



watters So I have a friend that I wanted to be in my wedding from day one. I wanted to ask her as a bridesmaid, but I had a strong feeling that she would say no. I knew that she is very school oriented and thus will probably not have time to commit to be in the wedding especially when the date is the beginning of the school year. So it was easier for me to avoid getting a “No” than to ask this person. So today, I chatting with her and talking about random stuff. Then I mentioned that I had wanted her in my wedding. She said she was disappointed that I had not asked her and even asked someone else before her. So right then, I asked her to be my bridesmaid. Of course she said no….and of course I got upset and almost cried. It’s silly to say you wanted to be a part of it but can’t. Maybe she only said no because she was offended in the first place. Who knows. That’s all I have to say for this subject. I still want her to be a part of it somehow. May be a reader? That doesn’t take any planning. Sigh!

Speaking of attendants. I found the dress and got a great price quote. It’s from Watters and Watters and I’ve posted on this site before. The color of the dress will be watermelon and the sash will be in the color called Flirt. It’s kinda like coral and fushia. It was quoted for 158 each. Not bad!!!I’ll have to check the next trunk show to make sure they have the sizes and color and hopefully get a better deal then.



The Cake dudes screwed up our appointment. AND NO IT’S NOT MY FAULT. I’ve emailed them several times trying to get confirmation. They dont list their phone numbers, but luckily I found it somehow and called. They said they don’t remember seeing any correspondance from me, but called 10 minutes later and said they indeed see my emails and apologized. They rescheduled for next Sunday, but I think I’ll hold off for a few more weeks, bc I don’t feel like doing anything next week, we already have a tasting with Romano Bakery next Saturday.

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We’re in need of a good set of luggage. We did register for some at Dillards, but those are entirely toooo expensive. Feel free to check out a better alternative:


Thus, for those wanting to get us luggage, go there. Of course there wouldn’t be a registry there…but any good looking set would do.

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candy buffetSince a chocolate fountain is entirely too expensive, I got this idea from one of The Knotties – candy buffet. We’ll have a table set up with big clear jars of candy that we can get from Sams (ie. M&Ms, wedding mints, Kisses, Jordan almonds etc). We can either have little plastic bags to have the guests fill them up with the candy, OR if we want to spend more money, we can order personalized tin boxes (about 50 cents a box) and have the guests fill up those boxes instead.


I’m sick….

ughhhhhhh. I think my cold has gotten worse today….

Yesterday we met with Bella Pictures. Prices were ok. Their medium package starts at 2500 for 8 hours. You do have to pay 150 dollars per photo for retouching. What the heck??

The appt was at the Starbucks on Beltline in Addison, and guess who walks in, Yi. I need to call her and see what’s up.

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