So, to all the vendors out there. I’d like to say that we will offer to create, design, redesign your website in exchange for your services. This includes all vendors such as DJ’s, Reception sites, Caterers, Florists, Photographers, Videographers, etc.

Check out the current portfolio at We are currently starting to freelance and would love to build up our portfolio. Please comment for more info.

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Addison Events Center

On Friday I visited the Addison Events Center. It’s a beautiful facility but too many hidden costs. You have to pay for a security guard if serving alcohol, for the dancefloor, no decorations, blah blah. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

I really wish we can just commit to something already…but in a way, I want to be creative. I want it to be different. I guess I’ll update more once we have some decisions finalized. I did find the cutest bridesmaid dresses at the Jessica McClintock store in Stonebriar.


Happy 25th Birthday

I know I’m a couple days late on this, but Happy Birthday sweetie!

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